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Dafne sanchez/carolinian

Dafne sanchez/carolinian

Mark Parent

Opinions Editor

I like brunch.  Like a lot.

In fact, I’m as attached to brunch as a wannabe frat star is to light beer.  So, I’m well aware of the fascination with this meal that has oddly been adopted by the greater part of the millennial generation.

But why is it, I’ve always wondered, that millennials love brunch so much?

I mean, obviously, there has to be some truth to the stereotype.  After all, Time Magazine reported last summer that our generation is spending more time planning brunch than looking for a date.  And USA Today even pointed out that millennials are spending more money on food than on events and clothes.

Oh, and isn’t it wonderful that every basic girl, with a latte in one hand, an iPhone in the other, and UGGs on her feet, has photographic proof of this obsession on her instagram account?

Seriously, next to our phones, brunch is the single millennial obsession that just about all of us can personally identify with.

Now, I eat brunch all the time—that’s right, I don’t even wait for Sunday.  And it’s not only because I like to choose from a smorgasbord of lunch and breakfast options, but also because it’s held at the perfect time of the morning.

By perfect time, I mean that it’s the latest socially acceptable time to eat a meal before noon.  So, for all of you that hate waking up in the morning—it’s the bane of my existence—brunch is as critical to your day as red-solo cups are to your next party.

Yet, there must be something else about brunch that all of us millennials are involuntarily drawn to.  At least, I can’t imagine that millennials are willing to sacrifice clothes and concert tickets for a plate of French toast and home fries, despite how good it might sound.  Then again, with Americans and food, anything is possible.

Of course, I could be overthinking this whole phenomenon.  It could easily be that millennials like brunch, because other millennials like brunch.  After all, why wake up early and go to breakfast when all of your friends would rather meet up a couple of hours later for brunch?

And it’s no secret that millennials go to bed a bit later than those belonging to Generation X or the Baby Boom, especially during the weekend.  So, it’s no wonder that millennials like to catch a bit more shut-eye on their Saturday and Sunday mornings before grabbing a bite to eat with friends.

With that being said, it’s nice that millennials own brunch.  I mean, we might be the most apathetic, self-absorbed and indebted generation in recent history, but at least we know the best time to grab a bite to eat when you have a hangover on Sunday: late in the morning.

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