Trading up to Trader Joe’s

Photo Courtesy of tales of a wandering youkai/flickr

Photo Courtesy of tales of a wandering youkai/flickr

Trinity Draughn
    Staff Writer

Trader Joe’s, a chain grocery store with specialty foods, made clear that it currently has no intentions of coming to Greensboro.

Despite the claim, synerG Young Professionals group is making an effort to bring the specialty snack shop back into the picture for Greensboro.

Last year, the city of Greensboro considered approving Trader Joe’s request for rezoning the property for a store in Greensboro; however, Trader Joe’s pulled its request because local resident Barbara Nelles sent an email to CEO Dan Bane with concerns about commercial rezoning of the property on Friendly Ave that Trader Joe’s was going to develop.

The arrangement was to take over 6-acres of residential property near the Friendly Center and create a commercial development to incorporate the specialty food store and other shops.

Catherine Carlock of the Triad Business Journal emphasized that the cause of this derailment was due to the one email, which caused Dane to reverse Trader Joe’s interest in opening a store in Greensboro. The change of heart was a relative surprise to many in the Greensboro community, but synerG is looking to revive the interest.

SynerG believes that Trader Joe’s would be a good addition to the Greensboro community as it would attract younger customers and create a minor incentive for young graduates to stay in the Triad.

Nelles, who supports bringing the shop to Greensboro in a different location, suggested to the Triad Business Journal last year that there are many other places— which are not in a residential zone— in Greensboro to place a Trader Joe’s.

She expressed that although she is a huge fan of Trader Joe’s and their convenient access to organic items, she will be persistent with this idea not to have the new location take over her home-like area in Greensboro. Nelles believes there has to be another place for this commercial property to make a home that will not lead to increased urban sprawl.

Bane said that Trader Joe’s would not sign the lease on this location if the potential customers of the surrounding area were not going to be pleased with it. He communicated his care for the consumers and does not plan on building a new store on bad terms with the community.

Other residents expressed their understanding that major progression much like this one will not typically please every resident and local close by.

Without a location in Greensboro, the closest Trader Joe’s is in Winston-Salem. Despite this lack of a Trader Joe’s location, Greensboro also has other alternative food options such as Whole Foods and Fresh Market.

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