Millennial Moment

Dafne sanchez/carolinian

Dafne sanchez/carolinian

Matthew Johnson
   Sports Editor

It was just an easy evening in July. After dinner, my father had prepared to watch Sunday baseball with me — a pastime seemingly as natural as watching the grand old bat and ball game itself.

Exhausted from the humid afternoon, which comes with living at the bottom of the Bible Belt, he was disappointed when he came in the room to see what I was watching.

“You and those cartoons,” he said with a tone of both tease and wonder. “You are 21 years old, about to graduate, and you’re sitting here watching cartoons,” so he said, giving up and choosing the punishment of cartoons over baseball.  It was a Looney Tunes short featuring the trouble-making Daffy and his victim, Porky.

And of course, after complaining, just like his 21-year-old son about to graduate, my father began crying from laughter. This of course came from Daffy dropping a bank vault as well as the Rock of Gibraltar on Porky’s head. It was just a silly and berserk experience, and one which I would never trade. And this is an experience which comes with cartoons, one which should be fully appreciated in youth.

Growing up, seemingly in a golden age of animation, I watched them all. I watched the serious (“Samurai Jack,” “Courage the Cowardly Dog,” “Teen Titans”). I watched the silly (“Johnny Bravo,” “Dexter’s Lab,” “CatDog”). I watched the funny and fierce (“Dragon Ball Z,” “Powerpuff Girls,” “Invader Zim”). I watched the shows about youth (“Recess,” “Hey Arnold,” “Ed,Edd, ‘n’ Eddy”).

As someone who struggles with drawing stick people, I am always fascinated by someone who has the imagination and creativity to draw such fantastic features.

And for the longest time, as someone who in middle school planned their Friday evenings around watching cartoons, I was afraid the next generation would not enjoy the magic which comes with cartoons.

You see, like sports, art or music, cartoons are a beautiful medium. And like the three mediums I listed, they also are a sweet escape. But, for me, it seemed that kids would rather watch shows about teens with their lame middle school drama.

But, after seeing some great cartoons recently, like “Gravity Falls,” “Regular Show,” “Adventure Time and Steven Universe,” I am positive younger Millennials will have a similar experience as I had growing up. If they continue seeking out cartoons over classroom dramas, they will have the same fun I had.

For you see, I am a 21-year-old senior about to graduate; I simply do not have the time like I use to have to watch cartoons. So take my counsel and continue watching the fantastic imaginations that some of the best illustrators and storytellers provide.

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