Etiquette dinner

Logan Curry
 Staff Writer

Eating incorrectly at a five course meal is confusing, but it can also be rude.

For those who want to learn how to improve their formal table manners, look no further than the Etiquette Dinner. Hosted at UNC-Greensboro in the Cone Ballroom on Nov. 12 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the evening, the dinner will teach everything there is to know about proper fine dining.

The dinner is a five course meal with broccoli-cheese soup, chicken française, baby greens with shaved vegetables, buttered bliss potatoes, roasted seasonal vegetables, lemon sorbet and New York style cheesecake with fruit topping.

Fancy and delicious, it is also affordable, as UNCG students only have to pay $15 for entrance. Group tables of eight people can be purchased for $150. Sign-ups for the dinner are on the Career Services Center page on

These sign ups close on Oct. 30; these seats fill quickly, as last year’s dinner sold out to 300 people. These 300 seats will remain the maximum for this year just like the previous dinner last fall.

Teachers and other faculty can come for $20, to watch their students learn the art of fine dining and enjoy a five course meal for themselves.

There will be at least one representative from each of the five companies who sponsor the dinner that will actually sit at a random table and eat with everyone.

These representatives are recruiters from the sponsoring companies who look to hire students. The five sponsors include: PLS Logistics Services, Enterprise, Hanesbrands, iSurity and Lowes Foods.

Everyone is required to wear professional attire.  Men are expected to wear ties and women to wear dresses.

A two-hour presentation from a UNCG Career Services employee will demonstrate everything there is to learn about etiquette dining. This event is going to be a walkthrough on how to eat a five course meal correctly.

It’s a learning experience that will be useful in the future no matter how old someone is. Knowing how to eat properly comes in use for weddings, conferences, business meetings and many other professional events.

Universities from all over the country now prepare their students for similarly themed etiquette dinners.

In the working world, a perceived violation of etiquette may cause unfavorable opinions and strain the potential of a getting a job. Universities are starting to recognize this concerning factor.

When asked about etiquette dining and it’s intricacies, Mary Lesa Pegg, the head coordinator for the etiquette dinner said, “There’s a lot of tricks, like how do you excuse yourself if you need to go to the restroom, what happens when you get something stuck in your teeth, who’s the host of the table, how do you eat, what kind of conversations do you have at dinner, things like that. It literally goes through absolutely everything you could possibly need to know about etiquette dining.”

UNCG and the Career Services Center invites anyone who wants to meet people and learn proper etiquette to sign up for the etiquette dinner.

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