The Five types of winter breaks

Natalie King

Somehow, winter break is right around the corner. This means we are all running on coffee and the small amount of what is left of our motivation to make it through the semester. For some, winter break is liberating and fun, while for others it is almost as stressful as being in school. To explain further, I have categorized the different types of winter breaks into five groups.

The Workaholic Break:

Here lands the poor individuals, like myself, that have no exciting plans for the month of December. You likely have to work on Thanksgiving, as well as Christmas Eve. You work so many hours a week to make money that you then have no time or energy to spend.

The Awkward Family Hug Break:

You see your Aunt Linda who instantly expresses how shocked she is at how much you have grown. “Linda, I’m 21, I haven’t grown in like six years,” you say. Oh well, you grin and bear it because who wants to correct the cute old people you see once a year anyways? Your winter break will be filled with obligatory family events and you’re just hoping there will be wine.

The Hibernation Break:

In my opinion, this is where the lucky ones are. You might feel as though your break will be boring and possibly pathetic, but let’s be honest, all most of us want to do is sleep anyways.

The Non-Break Break:

Yep. Unfortunately there are many of us who are thinking “what break?” because you might not get to even go home, or stop taking classes. Your graduation date is looming, and the most important aspect of your life is fulfilling all those credit hour you need. You’ll spend your days in winter classes scrolling through Instagram looking at what seems like every other person on the planet who is having the freakin’ time of their life during winter break.

The Perfect Break:

I would like to meet someone who is fortunate enough to have experienced such bliss. You get to relax and eat home-cooked meals with your close to normal family. There is a perfect balance of work and fun in this winter break. You probably get to spend New Year’s Eve in New York City, or anywhere more exciting than North Carolina.

No matter which category you fall into, I hope your Christmas break brings some sort of relaxation and joy into your life. Love your annoying family members, appreciate your job, study hard in classes, and if nothing else, pray that next year’s break will be better.

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