Verses from Matthew’s Red Journal


Matthew Johnson
       Sports Editor

“Go and bring me that far-off sun, with her deepening flames”

Said Tomorrow, fabric-ed in the cloths of another Year and Time.

“With her ebbing dawn streaked in fading light,

This lowering and rumbling combination of dreams and soul

Must now be peeled back under an impending nightfall crescent.”

“The moon’s shine has spotlighted those stolen smiles from unrelenting Life”

Said Tomorrow, with the meddling laughter of an unfeeling defiler.

“And it flicks from her distant sphere, a command for the mirth to return,

For Life has consciously reached through her chained rhythms

And orders for another ‘venture into the strange mystery from you.”

“Yesterday understands these days are as ugly as Absalom,”

Said Tomorrow, advocating on the behalf of her hollow self.

“And I know how much you would adore to be with Forever,

But you will be. Past is united with your stitched and Time-d remnants,

And this place has simply flamed you out, with its all-encompassing imagination.”

“And if you wish to remain that escaped dream-chaser and story-teller,”

Said Tomorrow, that defender of the pulse and blood of great transition.

“Against all your wishful fighting to stay at this imparadised land,

In the far-off layers of days undone, and when you’re lost as hell,

In the darkness of Tomorrow, you must reproduce that far-off sun.”

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