Board of Trustees: Make a decision on the Aycock Auditorium

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The Editorial Staff

For more than one year, students at UNC-Greensboro have been waiting on pins and needles for a resolution to the debate surrounding the name of the Aycock Auditorium, which currently bears the name of controversial former Gov. Charles B. Aycock.

This debate, however, seems stuck in the mud of campus politics.

In 2014, Chancellor Linda Brady created an ad hoc committee for the purpose of issuing detailed reports on the matter of the Aycock Auditorium’s renaming; yet, the controversy remains unresolved.

This newspaper contends that such an outcome is unbecoming of both our university’s value structure and public image. Furthermore, this lack of action can lead one to believe — as some students surely do — that the Board of Trustees is actively neglecting the issue.

Of course, it is unlikely that the subordination of this issue is occurring; nevertheless, the mere fact that we are beginning to garner suspicions about the Board of Trustees’ motives is indicative of the frustration felt by many students across campus.

Additionally, it must be noted that the renaming of the Aycock Auditorium is a divisive issue on campus. Based on reporting conducted by this newspaper last semester, the report issued by the ad hoc committee found that 52 percent of students favor a name change, while 48 percent of students favor the status quo.

At this point in time, the newspaper is not interested in wading into the merits of either argument, but we would appreciate a timely decision on the matter.

After all, it’s been nearly fourteen months. Make a decision.

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