Spartan Sensibilities


Emily Stranahan/ The Carolinian

Lauren Cherry
     Copy Editor

So can we just stop with the whole “slut shaming” thing?

Let me be more specific since there seems to be a never-ending supply of this in the world. Today, of course, I’m referring to criticism of the singer Ciara and her attire at the College Football National Championship.

To sing the national anthem, she chose to wear a floor-length sparkling gown with a plunging neckline and a cape cascading over her shoulders. The formal gown was designed by Yousef Al-Jasmi. Sounds elegant enough, but apparently some critics took offense to the semi-transparent fabric of the dress’ neckline. Did I mention that is was a floor-length gown with a matching floor-length cape? Remember that.

One of the first critiques came via twitter from sports journalist, Bonnie Bernstein. Bernstein stated, “Dear Ciara. You’re stunning. But this is a National Championship Game. Kids are watching. Cover up.”

I have some problems with this statement. Not only did she give a great performance of the national anthem but she looked flawless and, in my opinion, appropriately dressed for the occasion. The only way she could have covered up more is with a potato sack; but then she’d be showing her perfectly defined, supermodel-length legs and we all know that the haters…I mean…critics would have said something about how she didn’t take her job seriously enough to dress up for a championship game. Geesh, can this woman live?

Honestly, if I had her figure, could you blame me for wanting to flaunt it? Ciara’s flawless figure aside, can someone please explain to me why her dress is inappropriate for the occasion that she wore it to?

Sports writer Jason Whitlock’s explanation for his harsh opinion against Ciara’s attire was based on the fact that she looked ‘thirsty’ due to the decision of her and beau Russell Wilson to remain abstinent until marriage. He actually said the words, “She looked thirsty, man […] This woman is waiting because some guy wants to wait.” I have two questions: How can he shame her for looking ‘thirsty’ and being a prude in the same sentence; and since when is a piece of cloth an indication of someone’s sex life?

Whitlock states in his column that she made the performance of the national anthem all about her instead of the country’s nationalism by wearing a shiny dress showing her cleavage. She was being distracting. You can’t see me right now, but I’m rolling my eyes pretty hard.

Luckily, the radio host whose show he appeared on, Colin Cowherd of The Herd, pointed out the obvious, which is that we are always going to be staring at Ciara, regardless of what she wears because, hello, she’s gorgeous! Whitlock can swear up and down all he wants to about how the performance of the national anthem isn’t about the performer and maybe he is right. But there’s a reason that just any random person isn’t chosen for these performances.

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