Spartan Sensibilities


Emily Stranahan/ The Carolinian

Lauren Cherry
    Copy Editor

When is the last time that you tried something new?

If you had to think for more than five seconds to answer my question, then I strongly suggest you rethink your life choices. You don’t have to risk your life in order to change it.

May I suggest a change of hairstyle? Now, if you know me, you’ve realized that I’m a little crazy about my hair — currently, I have cotton candy colored braids — so feel free to adapt my advice to your comfort level.

My hair adventures started when my mom offered to dye my hair for the first time in the 6th grade, and then I started dyeing it myself in high school; this is back when I had “normal” hair colors — throwback! I had my first “real haircut” days before my first day as a sophomore in high school, in 2010. I had been BEGGING my mother to let me get a bob since Rihanna debuted her inverted bob haircut in 2007. My new haircut gave me life, to say the very least.

In my sophomore year of college, I made a dramatic hair change with blue, bride of Frankenstein hair, which eventually faded to grey. Junior year sparked my rainbow hair revolution. Before leaving for my semester abroad to the small town of Rennes, France, I dyed my hair into a rainbow of hot pink, violet, teal and white. Now, I knew beforehand how the French felt about wearing color — they typically don’t wear any — however, I didn’t care. I wanted a rainbow colored afro and the fact that Rennes wasn’t ready for my fabulous self didn’t stop me. The crazy stares I received were priceless. It made me laugh hysterically when I heard a girl stage whisper, “Oh là là, c’est quoi, ses cheveux,” meaning ‘what’s up with her hair.’ She obviously wasn’t aware that I, too, the crazy american girl with the rainbow afro, spoke French. Then there was the time that a drunk man stumbled out of the metro asking me if it was July 14, the French Independence Day.

It’s safe to say that changing my hair so often made me stop caring what people thought about me, or my style. I change my hair or my style whenever I see fit for the simple reason that I can.

Quite recently, my impulsiveness surpassed my hair choices. Over the winter break, I found fabulous pictures on Instagram of septum piercings — the door knocker-looking nose rings — and I was so sure that I couldn’t pull one off, so I let it go. However, this past weekend, my best friend and I went to the mall for Cinnabon, and left with matching septum piercings because we are squad goals, that’s why.

You didn’t hear this from me, but if you’re looking for a little excitement, prank your friends with a fake (realistic-looking) piercing from, I don’t know, Claire’s or something. You have to commit to it. Wear it a few days beforehand so it feels natural. And maybe get a friend to join you in the fun. I’m speaking hypothetically, of course.

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