Why Ted Cruz? The Constitution.


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Adam Griffin
   Staff Writer

This election cycle is the most important since the birth of the millennial generation and perhaps since World War II.

The candidate who wins the presidency will undoubtedly decide the future direction of the country. And unlike previous elections, the republican nominee is, most likely, not going to be an establishment candidate.

There are several candidates who are revolutionary in nature, namely Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders — although Sanders has no chance at the nomination of his newly adopted party.

Donald Trump’s candidacy is unprecedented, and his outsider appeal as a celebrity strong man populist makes him a revolutionary candidate.

The democratic socialist and populist tendencies of Sanders makes him equally revolutionary in an American context.

Ted Cruz, however, is a revolutionary candidate because of his dedication to the Constitution, and it is his fidelity to our founding document that makes him the candidate that conservatives and Americans should support.

Cruz is the candidate with the best tax plan — a 10 percent flat tax. The flat tax eliminates all loopholes and levels the playing field with the wealthy by making taxes a single page in length. Under the current system, the wealthy and well-connected can afford to hire all the tax attorneys to fill out their taxes and earn the best rates.

The average person doesn’t have time or the knowledge to complete the full tax file. The flat tax would make it so that the average citizen could easily fill out his or her taxes and so that every citizen would pay the same proportion of iincome as all the others. This simplification of the tax code would also eliminate the IRS and the bloated bureaucracy that has grown up around the complicated tax system.

This tax code would be a tremendous economic stimulus, and Cruz’s commitment to reducing regulation and reducing the national debt would help bring back jobs and grow wages.

The Obama economy has been far from robust; in fact, it can only be described as sluggish. In many ways, Obama’s handling of the economy is very similar to that of Jimmy Carter’s tumultuous four years in office.

Cruz’s economic policy would be a pro-growth, pro-jobs policy that would rebuild the economy from the recession that we are still feeling the effects of.

Cruz is also committed to securing the border through common sense means and without the xenophobic overtones that Trump often utilizes.

Illegal immigration is a drag on the economic and medical system in America, as well as being an underground population that does not and can never receive the benefits of American citizenship.

Fixing the legal immigration system and securing the border is essential national security and necessary to move forward in addressing those people who are in the country illegally.

Ultimately, the most important part of Cruz’s candidacy is his inflexible fidelity to the Constitution and consistent record of supporting and defending the Constitution.

He began his legal career as a clerk for Chief Justice William Rehnquist of the Supreme Court and then served as Solicitor General for the state of Texas, where he defended the Constitution and won the landmark case defending the second amendment.

In his youth, Cruz was raised on the constitution, and his father instilled in him an abiding faith in its importance for the future well being of America.

These planks, among many others, represent the important policy proposals that make Cruz, though imperfect, the best candidate for President in 2016.    

Our country is running out of time and the person best equipped to revitalize our economy, protect our national interests abroad and shrink our bloated government.

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