Letter to the Editor: Students should thank Gov. McCrory

Jonathan Suh
 Guest Writer

Are you concerned about the education system in the U.S? If you are in North Carolina, you need not worry as the high school graduation in this state is at 85.4 percent, which has never been higher in our states history. The thanks should go to Gov. Pat McCory who has strived to see the enhancement of our education system. 

Without a doubt he has North Carolina’s best interests at heart and stood his ground for the passing of the Connect NC Bond. In a time where interest rates are at an all-time low and North Carolina happens to be one of ten states with an AAA bond rating, substantial enhancements in NC’s infrastructure can be made in the most practical time with this bond.    

Before the Connect NC bond was passed it had been fifteen years since the last bond was approved to upgrade NC’s infrastructure and as a result of the bond, two million people were added to NC’s population. The Connect NC bond enables investments in fifty-year assets with just twenty-year financing. These investments will not only improve education but will cover a variety of infrastructures that are vital to connecting our state to the twenty-first century. Projects will be in seventy-six counties covering parks, zoos, the UNC system, community colleges, National Guard, public safety, water and sewer systems, and agriculture. Due to NC’s steady revenue growth and debt capacity, you can be assured that taxes will not increase as a result.   

Back to education, two-thirds of the Bond is devoted to improving higher education with funds to support UNCG’s nursing program and NC State’s agriculture program, just to name a very few. All in all, there will be greater job opportunities and security with these investments in the education system. He has also brought the education cabinet together to form a transfer agreement between the UNC system and NC community college system to allow faster degrees with a lot of money saved.        

Gov. Pat McCory truly does have NC’s best interests at heart and saw the Connect NC Bond as a strategic move to meet those interests. I am eager to see what he will do to keep our state connected to the twenty-first century and hope you will join me in supporting his re-election in November!

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