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Lauren Cherry

I have put off writing this farewell for as long as humanly possible but alas printing time is quickly approaching so here it goes. My time here began here at the start of my sophomore year so I have some trouble recalling my life at this university before the Carolinian. A large part of my college career has been shaped around the commitment that is this newspaper. For the sake of reflection, I painfully reread my application email and writing sample. It was quite adorable to say the least.

Most applicants would simply state their preferred sections to write in; I requested that I write for opinions or features. I was so ambitious/naive as to very strongly suggest to the editor-in-chief of the paper that I be the one to start a regular fashion column, completely disregarding the fact that I had yet to even be considered for a writing position. It’s interesting looking back on that email now that I have worked here long enough to earn a weekly column on the subject of my choosing.

Aside from that gutsy request, I also thought that I was well-versed enough to write about international news with the vast knowledge I possessed as a first-year French major. In case you didn’t catch onto my blatant sarcasm, my newly declared foreign language major in no way made me an expert in all international matters. Luckily, the editorial team at the time looked past my immaturity and my section preferences, and hired me as a news writer.

Before I started writing for the news section, I didn’t have much of a clue regarding university-related news but I’m grateful to have been put in a position to not only inform others, but to become self-aware. I remember running to my news editors, Olivia Cline and Nadia Stevens, enraged by the injustices of the world. This moment came full circle when I was promoted to news editor and had the opportunity to supervise staff writers of my own. One of my writers immediately stood out not only as someone who would fill the news editor position when I studied in France, but as someone who could easily take over as editor-in-chief; you may know her as Emily Bruzzo.

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It amazes me to this day how clear it was from the very beginning to nearly everyone on the editorial board that she would go on run the newspaper and change it for better. Hey Emily, do you remember when you admired my organizational skills as a news editor? It took everything within me not to laugh hysterically in that moment. This woman’s adorably neurotic personality kept me on my toes long before she became editor-in-chief; I’m not really sure who was doing the teaching there.

I am grateful to have witnessed her journey from staff writer to EIC and even more grateful for the changes that have occurred during her time in this position. Aside from her slightly obsessive but necessary filing system, I am most grateful for the implementation of a layout design team. While I did not personally benefit from this team’s work during my time as a section editor, I am grateful to the original Carolinian layout team, Quinn Hunter and Issac Smith, for making this a much better looking newspaper.

To the Carolinian, I bid you adieu. The lifelong friends and invaluable experiences were well worth the long, sleep-deprived nights.

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