Editorial Introduction


I am Zachary Weaver, Carolinian news editor, and English major with a minor in Sustainability. I am a senior this year, and it will be my busiest (and hopefully most rewarding) year yet!

Rather than pursuing academia or creative writing with my major, I hope to go into journalism as a career, though the day I write clickbait will be the day I die inside. My goal for the News section is to cover campus and local news mainly, along with some state and the occasional national.

In my spare time, I’m known to indulge in my trifecta of hobby passions: film, movie music, and far too much internet. Cheers to the new school year!


My name is Catie Byrne, I am a junior, and have been The Carolinian’s Features Editor since 2015. I started writing for a newspaper in my junior year of high school, and have been writing for The Carolinian since I was a freshman. I am an English major, and a Women’s and Gender Studies minor. I enjoy writing human interest pieces, with a focus on LGBT and political issues. I like writing for Features, because I love writing about people, and I like to write about experiences. I believe good Features articles tell stories, and I strive to create a section that reflects the stories and experiences of UNCG students and the surrounding community.


Hello. My name is Harrison Phipps. I am a junior majoring in English and religious studies here at UNCG. I’m originally from Wake Forest, North Carolina. My biggest interest and what has been the most important thing in my life has been the relationship I have with Jesus Christ. I often enjoy writing about how the Christian worldview pertains to matters of social justice and politics. Because of this, I seek to establish an open dialogue in the paper and on campus. I would love to be in full-time ministry one day for the sake of pointing people to God.


Hello all. My name is James Ross Kiefer, but I’d rather just be called Ross because middle names need some love too. I’m a senior Music major with a minor in Radio, so I’m borderline a caricature of a liberal arts major. Being the Arts & Entertainment editor is great because I’m privileged enough to work with artists from all types of mediums. A&E mainly focuses on exposing UNCG to important and relevant artisans, as well as appreciating our own local talent. Each week I hope to offer something both intriguing and entertaining, and help make your life more colorful.


My name is Daniel Johnson, a junior English major at this university and your sports editor and I’m in charge of the sports section for our university newsletter. And I’ll tell you this, no section is better. They had to put me in the back because it’ll be all you would want to read. The stories are so good you’ll never want to leave. So sports come after news, opinions, features, and A&E. Put on your reading glasses, I know your curiosity is piqued, and see what is happening with UNCG sports this week.


Hello! I am Taylor Allen, a senior here at UNCG pursuing a Political Science major and double minors in History and Sustainability. Originally from Charlotte, I now live in Greensboro full-time. Currently the Editor-in-Chief of The Carolinian, my goals for this newspaper are to uphold standards of reliability, integrity and creativity, and to ensure that we as students have a platform for our voices. I am deeply interested the interactions between state and local politics and our campus community, and want to emphasize information relevant to everyone at our school.

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