HQ Greensboro offers business workspace, lecture events


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Zachary Weaver / The Carolinian

Zachary Weaver
  News Editor

HQ Greensboro, a shared workspace in downtown, will host numerous events in the coming months, including seminars, meet-ups, and lectures.

Adapted from an old 1890s carriagehouse, HQ Greensboro opened on August 19, 2015. Possessing 25 offices, from 1-2 person cubicles to a 10-person office, and 30 members on the coworking side, as well as gigabit internet, an aspect the Director of Operations Sara Pilling stated is needed to be competitive.

With their partners in Charlotte and Raleigh, HQ’s mission is to encourage and support business and job growth in positive and long-term manners.

  “What we see as our purpose is bridging all of Greensboro’s resources together,” Pilling said.

“People can pick up skills while they’re here; build relationships, build networks,” Pilling said, “be able to gain resources they may not have been able to gain at that point in their business.”

Between special events and use by small business owners, HQ Greensboro remains busy, according to Pilling.

“We are currently full, which is very good,” Pilling stated. “We have a lot of people in here.”

HQ Greensboro will host numerous events over the next couple months, ranging from collaborative discussions to professional lectures.

April Harris of New City Ventures will hold a pitch event on September 19, a part of a partnership with HQ Greensboro to put on events and speaker series. This event will focus on developing attendees’ ‘elevator pitch,’ a concise, quick spiel for a proposal.

The first installment of the UNCG-involved Entrepreneurial Journeys will be held on September 21. This event brings in entrepreneurs to share their stories of experience, failure, and success.

“Sharing success stories, sharing failure stories, because you always learn from failure,” Pilling said, commenting on the event’s purpose.

Lunch & Learns, periodic luncheons for learning contract-writing and general related advice, will also be held at the HQ.

The Triad JS, a Java Script event open to the public, is also planned to be held at HQ Greensboro, with a to-be-determined meeting date.

HQ Greensboro continues to develop programming; being a year old means that new events are a work-in-progress. Pilling commented that they lack manpower for big events, but are working up. She hopes that A&T will host a hackathon at the HQ, an event where coders tackle civil problems to find solutions to Greensboro problems.

Future events will be announced on HQ Greensboro’s webpage as dates draw closer.

HQ Greensboro is located at 111 W Lewis St. Offices are available by call or visit.

“Membership is rolling, so you can join at any point,” Pilling said. “We’re always looking for new members.”

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