Come out and tryak a kayak!


Nikki Yopp
  Staff Writer

Imagine this; walking into the new Rec center and craving something new and exciting. Weights are a norm, and the track can be monotonous. Sure, the new classes available are interesting, but the real excitement, happens on Wednesday nights. Kayak pool sessions are a new and unique adventure that every UNCG student should embark on.

Whether a seasoned kayak vet, or brand new to the world of kayaking, the kayak pool sessions at the Kaplan Center, are a must try. These happen every Wednesday night from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m., at the Natatorium, in the bottom floor of the brand new Kaplan Center for Wellness.

These exciting hands-on kayaking sessions are hosted by UNCG’s Outdoor Adventures staff. The staff members are all well versed in kayaking skills, as well as other outdoor skills, such as white water rafting, hiking and climbing.

Even though the kayak pool sessions were a staple at the Rosenthal Pool in years past, it is safe to say that the new recreation center makes every form of exercise feel like it’s been rejuvenated. The kayak pool sessions are no exception.

With a larger pool, plenty of kayaking experts and kayaking gear available to students free of charge, I have no clue why I did not go to these sessions sooner. The only thing that held me back, was my absolute fear of some of the crazy cool kayaking maneuvers.

For students severely lacking in kayaking expertise, like myself, the staff who work the kayak pool sessions, are highly knowledgeable about, well, kayaking. The staff can teach students anything from paddling strokes, how to deal with capsizing and how to roll yourself upright after capsizing.

The act of just learning proper paddle strokes can be more than enough for a beginner, but several people who come out to kayak pool sessions are actually able to do far more than just that.

A great perk of going to a kayak pool session is the chance to watch people do kayak rolls. This is where a person purposefully flips a kayak and then uses their paddle and hips to flip the kayak back into the upright position. While actually seeing someone do this is very interesting, I was not willing to attempt it, myself.

If a student at UNCG would like to partake in these open sessions, they can absolutely do so free of charge. However, if any Student Recreation Center member or UNCG student would like to bring a guest to these sessions, they can do so for a small cost of $6 per guest.

The kayak pool sessions are drop in instead of structured classes, so there is no need for any advance registration. Whether an attendee would like to stay 30 minutes or the whole two hours, is up to them!

If attending, the Outdoor Adventures staff asks that attendees bring a swimsuit, towel and an active Spartan Card. All kayaking gear is provided free of charge to participants in the kayak pool sessions. Even though the kayak pool sessions offer lots of fun photo opportunities, it is probably a smarter decision to leave phones in the locker room.

If students take a liking to and frequent these kayak pool sessions, then they should check out the kayaking trips ,that are currently scheduled for the rest of the semester.

Working out and learning new skills does not have to be daunting or even something that takes up a lot of time. You can find out about all of Outdoor Adventures Fall 2016 trips, or kayak pool sessions through the Kaplan Center for Wellness, or on the Rec Well website.

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