Pink Power fashion show


Jayda Brunson
  Staff Writer

The Pink Power Fashion Show, is an annual event sponsored by UNCG Threads, in honor of breast cancer awareness month. On Oct. 14, I had the privilege of modeling in the show. My designer, Anndrea Robinson is a sophomore at UNCG, and has been designing her own clothing since high school.

I was thrilled when she asked me to model one of her beautiful designs down the runway. Not only did I have the privilege of being her model, but I got to be her finale piece. The experience was more than nerve-racking. The dress rehearsal took place only one night before the actual show in the Stone Building. This was one of my favorite parts of the experience, in that there was plenty of room for error.

On the day of the show, me, Robinson and her other model, sophomore Amanda Chusakul, met up at the venue several hours before the show. This was my second time doing a fashion show with Chusakul, so, we felt comfortable with each other. The show took place at The W on Elm. It was beautifully decorated with pink and white balloons.

Walking up the stairs, you could just smell hot curling irons and burnt hair. There were stylists and makeup artists readily available to assist any model in need, but I played it safe by doing my make-up myself and having my hair done by a close friend the night before. Robinson made us practice our walks in the assigned heels, as well as the five poses we were supposed to strike on the runway.

Time was ticking to the point where we almost forgot to eat. This was the first and last time I will attempt to eat a Jimmy John’s sub in the restroom while applying mascara. Later on in the evening, towards show time, we all heard “WE SOLD OUT! THE SHOW IS SOLD OUT!” The seat maximum was roughly around 150-200 people, due to building code violations. This made me even more nervous because it was going to be a full house.

It was beyond exhilarating to see all of the other designers and their models dressed up as well. To think that we all just started school in August, and we have students staying up all night long to finish couture, lingerie and cultural collections, is amazing to me.

UNCG has so many hard-working and creative students that don’t get enough credit. My outfit was a pink and white patterned shift dress, with a kimono cape topped off with a pearled necklace and cheetah-print heels.

When it was almost my turn to walk the runway, I could feel my heartbeat kicking me like a newborn child; the funny thing, of course, is I’ve never been pregnant.

I became really hot, and had to keep repeating to myself: “Just work it.” I came out of the curtains, and struck my first pose and could hear the audience whistling and yelling. That’s when I knew that the slay was real. The runway was extremely small, so you had no choice but to take baby steps if you wanted the photographer to get enough glamour shots. Once I got to the end of the runway, I opened up my kimono cape just a bit to show the audience what I was working with.

Then I turned around quickly, took the cape off completely, and turned back around so the photographer could snap pictures of me with and without the cape on. This was the climax of my performance; it was like I had so much to show and so much to tell with this outfit. As I made my way back to the curtains, I flipped my cape over my shoulder.

The clapping in the audience made me want to turn around and give everyone an encore. Before I left the stage, I did one last pose. We were supposed to do five poses, but I did roughly six or seven because I wanted to have all of my angles covered.

Once I left the stage, my designer, Robinson, was waiting to tell me how well I did. We then waited for all other models to walk, so that we could all flood the runway together, one last time.   

My favorite part of this experience, was taking pictures afterwards with friends and family who came to see me. Overall, regardless of the initial nervousness, I’d do the event all over again. It was nice for UNCG to allow those involved to recognize people battling breast cancer as well as breast cancer survivors.

I found myself appreciating my designer, who stayed up until 3 a.m. at least three times a week, in order to finish her designs after finishing homework.

Robinson will also be in Goodwill’s Rock The Runway event in 2017; an event that I will also be modeling her designs at.

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  1. Hello, is there any chance I could be sent any pictures from the show? Thank you!


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