Asian Student Association

Jamie Biggs
  Staff Writer

UNCG’s Asian Student Association hosted their third general body meeting of the semester on Wednesday, Oct. 19.

Student Tom Truong, president of ASA, welcomed the attendees of the meeting, and followed with a presentation of information, which focused heavily on the country of Laos. Laos celebrated their liberation day on Oct. 12; Truong highlighted the country’s history and struggles to the members of ASA with a short PowerPoint. Following Truong’s presentation, another student present, reminded the members of an upcoming event in which ASA is partaking.

ASA meetings vary in length and focus from one meeting to the next, but Truong chooses to bring forth topics of discussion that spread awareness of Asian history and culture. Discussions at meetings are dependent upon what is happening in the world around us.

ASA itself is an organization that has been present at UNCG for quite some time, having been affiliated with the school for 15 years. This year, the president of ASA departed to study abroad in Korea, and as a result, Truong’s previous experience as vice president in the organization, made him an ideal fit for president.

ASA was created with the intent of raising awareness regarding issues affecting Asian people, as well as to spread a sense of awareness on campus and the surrounding community, regarding all of the various and unique Asian Cultures.

Truong himself, hopes to make an impact on campus as ASA’s current president.

He joined ASA his freshman year, after being introduced to the organization by a friend who invited him to a meeting, encouraging him, by insisting that he would have fun. Now, as president, he wants to enrich the knowledge of members, as well as the general student body, with information about a myriad of Asian heritages and cultures. In addition, he hopes to be able to do so in a way that provides all of the members with a fun and fulfilling way to spend their time.

The Oct. 19 meeting, focused heavily on Laos, being both informative and educational, as well as reflecting the ASA’s ability to provide an understanding of Asian history. Attendance of an ASA meeting allows for exposure to more knowledge in areas of Asian history, as well as more current areas of interest.

A typical meeting of the ASA, begins with the officer’s introduction, followed by a recap of the previous meeting held. The remainder of the meetings, focus on what the main topic of that week may be—varying from a history lesson, ASA events or fundraising.

Truong encourages new people to attend an ASA meeting. When asked what he would say to someone that is considering attending a meeting, he urges those to come by and listen to what they have to present. Casual and informative, the meetings are enjoyable to attend, as opposed to being a stiff and formal event. There is no membership fee required to join ASA. Email addresses are the only thing asked of the attending members, in order to keep those interested updated on future ASA meetings and events.

ASA has hosted events on UNCG’s campus in the past. They have hosted an Asian Extravaganza, a large event on campus that promotes different Asian cultures through performance, in years past. The Asian Extravaganza, works to showcase Asian cultures through a variety of entertaining productions, ranging from dance acts to fashion shows. Typically, this event takes place during Spring semester.

Their current promotion, was discussed briefly at the meeting. Saturday, Oct. 22, Limelight, located in downtown Greensboro, hosted the Monster Ball. The Monster Ball is a Halloween event that ASA partnered with, in order to sell tickets. Tickets sold by ASA went towards funding their organization.

Future events in relation to ASA, are in the works currently, including a potluck planned for November.

The ASA hosts meetings every two weeks, and these meetings take place in the Office of Intercultural Engagement, located on the bottom floor of the Elliott University Center, at 5:00 p.m. Meetings last between a half hour to one hour, but this is dependent upon how social the attendees of the meeting are. The atmosphere is rather casual. The next ASA meeting will take place on Nov. 2.

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