The excitement of competition


Isaiah Saint-Hilaire
  Staff Writer

Going to the new 98 million dollar Kaplan Center to enjoy the facility and use the enticing equipment they have for working out, you will also see the club women’s basketball team practicing. The team practices on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays while having games at least once a month on Saturdays. They travel to different places within their division and enjoy meeting new people as well getting to know one another. This week I had the chance to catch up with some of the players practicing at the Kaplan Center and found out that many of the young women enjoy basketball due to many exciting reasons.

I first spoke with the President of the club, Sarah Grant, who is a senior here at UNCG. She provided some interesting thoughts about why she enjoys playing basketball. She said that she has been participating in the club for four years now and has been president for two. Sarah said she enjoys traveling to other universities and playing competitively as opposed to simply playing a pickup game at the gym with other guys at the Kaplan Center. She also expressed that she enjoys the connections that she has developed with many of the other girls on the team. “I love the connections and the bonds that are created between the players that join the club which makes playing the game better.” Sarah also mentioned that basketball is an “escapade” for her from school and everything that occupies her time throughout the week. Sarah Grant enjoys her role as the leader of the basketball team and with her senior year winding down, she hopes to continue to play competitively and enjoy herself.

I was able to also speak with the Vice President of the team, Shauna Tucker, a sophomore. Shauna explicitly told me that she enjoys being in the gym more than anything. It gives her the opportunity to exercise and take advantage of the athleticism that she has. She said that  she enjoys being able to play a sport that is not considered to be the high school level anymore since she is in college now. Shauna expressed to me that she enjoys seeing everybody’s face and seeing how much they enjoy playing basketball as much as she does. She (just as Sarah) enjoys building connections with others. She also enjoys how she is able to forget about any assignment that is due within the week or any classes she needs to worry about. Shauna Tucker is a player who prides herself with having fun and feeding off of the energy her fellow teammates have throughout practices and games.

One young lady I spoke to went by the name of Lauren Brown, who is also a sophomore. Lauren told me that she enjoys basketball because she feels as if it was a chance for a group of girls to go to Division I basketball in college.

“Club basketball is like our own little world…a lot of people downplay it but it is a bunch of girls that can play ball.”

Lauren is a passionate young lady who enjoys playing basketball and the competitiveness that comes within the game. She enjoys competing with other teams and also enjoys building more relationships with the ladies she plays with. Lauren feels that this team is competitive and will become even more competitive over time.

The women’s club basketball team is a good example of how competition is still out there even when they do not make the big-named division leagues. They enjoy the company of fellow students coming out to play a game that they love. The trait that all three ladies had in common was the love for competition. They feel that even though they are not competing for a national championship, they are competing to test how good they truly are at the sport. These ladies have a sensational passion for basketball and will continue to ride their way to greatness through the bonds they make with each other.

The club will host two tournaments next month at the Kaplan Center. First, the Spartan Classic Tournament the weekend of the 12 and 13. Then they will host the Combine Classic that Wednesday, the 16.

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