Spartan Village Fright Night


Jayda Brunson

Jayda Brunson
  Staff Writer

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and it was nice to know about all the festivities happening on campus this past weekend. Of these events, I went to “Fright Night,” which was hosted by the Spartan Village hall council at the Haywood Clubhouse.

I was hesitant initially, to attend, until I read the flyer again, and noticed that there would be wings served. I also noticed that the best costume would win a prize. I decided that I would go as a Hooters Girl.

This costume was easy for me, as I had just quit my job there a few weeks ago. I was not about to let a pair of perfectly good spandex shorts and nude tights go to waste. I was so excited to wear this costume, basic and cliché though it might have seemed.

As soon as I arrived at the party, I saw glow sticks light up the night. There was a game called “Friday Night,” where I had to guess how many pieces of candy corn were in the bowl on display. Generally, I’m not thrilled about playing those types of games, because my guess is usually way off.

I stepped into the actual party room, and I noticed the wings sitting peacefully on the bar with all of the other finger foods. I grabbed a plate, served myself and grabbed a seat. Someone else tried to do the same thing as I and I overheard the host reply; “Actually, we’re not eating yet. We’ll announce when you guys can come line up [to eat].”

Of course, this was embarrassing. Here I was, sitting across the room stuffing my face with these crispy boneless wings, and we’re not even supposed to be eating yet. I quickly finished my food in the hopes that no one would catch me.

After eating, I noticed a game with four mystery boxes. Each participant had to put our hand under each box, in order to guess what was there. I hastily put my right hand under the first box, and found that it was cold, wet and soggy — that was the last time I put my whole hand under one of those boxes — and, having no clue what it was, I tasted it.

In hindsight, I’m pretty sure that was cheating. Another partygoer caught me, and laughed. Despite my dishonest efforts, I didn’t even taste anything; but it did smell like strawberry.

The clues just weren’t adding up, so I wrote “sauce” on my paper next to box number one. I moved onto the second box, deciding to put my index finger under there, in order to avoid any more surprises.

I knew that whatever was under this box, was small, round and squishy.

Then, I took my thumb and index finger, and squished it; this was also cheating. It was definitely a grape.

So, I wrote down “grapes” on my paper, and moved to the next one. I used the same index finger, and poked around. It was stringy, so it was safe for me to grab a handful of it.

It was definitely pasta. I moved onto the last one. This one felt stringy too, but it was thick. So, I felt around a bit before realizing that it was string cheese.

I wondered then, if it was mozzarella or cheddar — I love mozzarella string cheese — I wrote down my last guess, and moved back to the first one, to feel it again. For the life of me, I just could not figure it out. I put my slip in the jar, and went to go get some candy.

I was then approached by one of the hosts who asked if I wanted to be in the costume contest. I said “sure,” and he gathered all ten participants up to take a picture.

Then, we had an introduction of each costume. Each participant was lined up, and identified by their assigned number. I was up against Harley Quinn, a Civil War soldier, a cat and some other creative cosplay. When the hosts called my number, I did my runway walk, a few spins and finished off with a smile.

The host asked if I wanted to say anything about my costume, my answer was no. There was nothing to explain, I was a Hooters girl. As we each walked up, pictures were taken. After everyone had gone through their introduction, five judges had to deliberate on third, second and first place.

They judged the costumes based on creativity, deliverance and fright-factor. I won third place. Harley Quinn was second and the Civil War soldier was first. My prize bag included candy, a plastic 99-cent cup from the Dollar Tree and two free scantrons.

I was honestly thrilled about these prizes. Now, for at least two exams, I don’t have to rush to the bookstore before class. The cup also came in handy, because I just recently ran out of plastic cups at home, and it was a nice housewarming gift.

Before I left, I noticed a bowl of candy, sitting all by itself in the corner. I asked one of the hosts if we could take some home, since they were already giving away popcorn.

She gave me the okay, so I took six handfuls. I was so happy to get all of this candy; I didn’t even have to walk around six different neighborhoods.

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