Elizabeth Warren campaigns for Clinton, discusses Trump


Jayce Shore
  Staff Writer

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren held a rally at Meredith College on October 25, campaigning for Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and NC Senatorial Candidate Deborah Ross.

“Clinton and Ross both come from working families and know what it means to build a future, not just for some of our kids, but for all of our kids,” Warren said. “They want a future not just for the rich and powerful but a future for all of us. That’s what this election is about… I’m here because I want to be a part of building that future!”

Emphasizing her working family background, Warren spoke about her family,  American veterans, and the promises previously made to them. She also talked about her second brother, his involvement in the Air Force and unions, and his resulting pension. Her third brother worked in the army and became a small business owner, he is now retired and earns social security.

“I learned from my brothers and what I learned from my eldest brother was that we honor our promises to our service members and our veterans… What I learned from my second brother is that unions built America’s middle class and unions will rebuild America’s middle class… What I learned from my youngest brother, David, is that we honor our senior citizens and we expand and protect social security and Medicare,” Warren said.

Warren then spoke about college expenses, and how they can be a bar for hopeful students.

“You don’t get to be a teacher if you can’t afford to go to college, and my parents loved me with everything they had, but there was just no money for college,” Warren said. “I ultimately ended up at a commuter college in Texas that cost $50 a semester.  It opened a million doors for me, and the way I look at it, I am the daughter of a janitor who ended up to be a United States senator.”

Warren also spoke on the wage gap in the 60s and 70s between Caucasians and African-Americans during the civil rights movement. She noted how it decreased by 30 percent, but then went on to say that Republicans pulled the situation a different way and caused the economic crisis in 2008.

“But then, in the 1980’s, the Republicans pulled us in a different direction. They had two basic ideas, the first one was fire the cops, not the cops on Main Street, the cops on Wall Street….Let the big financial corporations do whatever they want. It worked. We ended up in 2008 with the biggest financial crash since the Great Depression,” Warren said. “Their second great idea, trickle-down economics, and then, stop investing in education, infrastructure and in research.”  

Later, she went on to clarify that everyone within the 90 percent saw less than one percent of the growth between the 1980’s and 2015, stating that the top ten percent of America earned 100 percent of the growth between those years.

“Donald Trump sits around and talks about ‘Oh, things are rigged.’ Yeah, you’re damn right they’re rigged,” Warren said. “They are rigged for billionaires and it is time to fight back! That really has been the GOP philosophy, the Donald Trump-Richard Burr philosophy. Help the rich and powerful get richer and more powerful and step on the faces of everyone else trying to build a little economic security.”

Warren also spoke against NC Senator Richard Burr (R-NC).

“Richard Burr is not the solution, I honestly wish he were, but in fact he is a big part of the problem,” Warren said. “That isn’t just political talk, that’s just plain fact. For me, it’s about how you vote when you go to Washington…”

She also spoke against Richard Burr’s votes against social security expansion, minimum wage, and equal pay, as well as his votes in favor of Planned Parenthood defunding, social security privatization, Trans-Pacific Partnership, and Medicare voucherization.

“North Carolina does not need a senator for the rich. North Carolina needs a senator that will be for the people,” Warren said.

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