SGA discusses campus events and progress

 Antonio Alamillo
  Staff Writer

The UNCG Student Government Association (SGA) held a meeting on Tuesday, October 25 to report the results of campus events and discuss future activities and programs.

The meeting began with Activities and Campus Events President Antonio Roberson announcing the first-ever Spartan Choice Awards. Students have the opportunity to nominate fellow students for awards based on leadership, diversity, and service. Voting is open from now until Friday, November 11. The ceremony will be held on Monday, December 5 at 6 p.m. in the EUC Cone Ballroom, and will be open to the public.

Following the announcement, SGA leaders led a short game named “Touch an SGA member who,” in which players uplift SGA members by letting them know of the job they are doing and how their work and participation is appreciated.

President Joseph Graham and Vice President Sajin Chhabra then spoke on recent and current campus events.

Chhabra reported on the Athletics Committee findings, homecoming’s success, and future campus events, such as Walk to the Polls and FAFSA workshops.

Graham discussed the Milton St. Campus Crossing domestic violence incident, the state of UNCG’s athletics programs, and raising money for Hurricane Matthew relief.

Most important to Graham was the Milton St. incident over fall break, UNCG’s most recent problem with domestic violence. Graham spoke on the situation to inspire SGA members to create initiatives.  Campus-wide programs could be introduced to raise awareness and teach students how to respond to domestic violence situations.

Graham also expressed happiness with new SGA members.

“This year, SGA has many new members, including numerous freshmen,” Graham said. “Although they do not have an overwhelming amount of experience, they are in the process of finding their voices and have shown great promise so far. They have great ideas which can turn into impactful initiatives that benefit UNCG and the local community. I look forward to the spring semester, when their ideas can become reality and they have the ability to create and execute their plans.”

The meeting’s latter half had the Attorney General, Chief of Staff and Secretaries giving reports on their areas of work.

The Attorney General announced that there were only eight students who were charged this week, four being freshmen. Most of the charges were due to plagiarism, however, a couple cases dealt with underage drinking. The number of students charged is low and is the result of campus-wide initiatives helping to educate students on the danger of plagiarism, underage drinking, drug use, and other illegal activities on campus.

Holly Shields, Chief of Staff,  informed SGA of the successful debate watch party and made additional positive comments on Chhabra’s previous report on homecoming.

The Secretaries spoke on the success of their events and the activities that they plan to hold in the future, such as the READ poster selection, “An Evening with the Provost”, a Polar Plunge, and a campus safety walk. There was little discussion of the events among SGA members, who seemed content with all the events planned by the secretaries.

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