Halloween Magic


Shea Wixon
  Staff Writer

The leaves start to change colors, as people begin to feel the spirit of the holidays; that first felt, is the spirit of Halloween.

What is it about Halloween that so many people love? Maybe this love is rooted in one’s childhood — the thought that, as a kid, that one can get to be whoever or whatever for one night — was better than a bowl of ice cream. Every child dressed up for Halloween, got to be their favorite hero, TV-show character or even something that isn’t human at all.  

To be someone one could never be in real life is exhilarating, to be without reality for one night, is a big reason why so many of people love Halloween.

Of course, Halloween isn’t everyone’s favorite holiday, or even necessarily something they like at all, but I believe Halloween is an important holiday because it brings people, and people of all ages, together.

In a way, Halloween is sort of like an unexpected movie plot: it can blur the line between who each costumed person is, and who they want to be. Of course, this then allows people to see and meet others they might have never seen in a werewolf costume.

There is a difference, however, between the kinds of feelings Halloween brings now as an adult, versus the feelings it brought me as a child.

I have always loved Halloween; when I was little, my parent’s would make a day out of going to pick out the costume that we all wanted, and if the store didn’t have it, then my mom would make it by hand. Growing up, I had three custom-Tinkerbell and Dorothy costumes, and my sister had many princess one’s, too.

Then as a family, we would go out and trick or treat, and my dad would pull us around in this old wagon, because 10 minutes in our bags would be too heavy to carry.

Remembering it now, some of my favorite nights are from Halloween, just because we were all together as a family, going out and being goofy.

Back then, Halloween was magic to me and to my brother and sister. And now, as a 20-year-old, it still is today. Today, Halloween holds that same amount of magic, but in a different way.

Growing up, people begin to take on more responsible and take things more seriously, and they sometimes forget, just what it is to play pretend. So, when the Oct. 31 rolls around, people are able to feel like kids again.

            Even more than that, people get to be a part of this night for others, in that they get to pretend that the little girl at the front door is a real ninja, or the boy is a dinosaur; people get to play in this state of mind and create this world for others, which for me, is even better.

One of my favorite memories from Halloween, was when I was 16, and, around that age, I felt like a lot of people began to lose any amusement regarding Halloween.

My Mom was sick and my dad was going to be home late, so, my little brother was going to have to go trick or treating by himself.

I wanted to take him trick-or-treating, but he wouldn’t let me come with him, unless I dressed up too; and begrudgingly, I did.

That Halloween turned into one of my favorites, my brother and I ran around our neighborhood, getting candy, joking with each other, it was like when we were little.

To this day, some of my brother and I’s favorite jokes come from that night.

Had I not gone, I would have missed out on memories with someone I love. That day carries with me wherever I go, because I learned that it truly doesn’t matter what age I am or where I am in life, I nor anyone else, should ever worry about being judged for something that brings them joy.

Maybe, what Halloween is really about for me now, is to let go of the fear of embarrassment and worry based off of what is “cool” or “uncool;” maybe, for one night, it doesn’t matter.

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