The results are in across the nation and North Carolina


Daniel Bayer
  Staff Writer

GREENSBORO – Upsetting polls and predictions, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton last Tuesday, ending what has been one of the most bitter and divisive presidential campaigns in modern American history.

Trump’s margin of victory came from many of the demographic groups that Clinton had been relying on throughout the campaign, as she failed to replicate the success with young people and minorities that President Barack Obama had enjoyed in 2008 and 2012.

Despite controversial remarks on race and the open support of white supremacists, Trump was able to improve, albeit slightly, on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s 2012 numbers among black, Hispanic and Asian voters. Trump also received 52 percent of the white female vote, as well as winning 70 percent of white males without a college education, particularly in rustbelt states like Ohio and Pennsylvania. These gains were enough to guarantee victory to what had been regarded by many as a longshot bid for the presidency.

Roy Cooper (D) appears to have won the North Carolina governor’s race by the slimmest of margins, as only 5,001 votes separated him from his opponent, incumbent Pat McCrory (R). The final results won’t be known until November 18, when all votes, including absentee and provisional ballots, have been counted.

In other statewide elections, Josh Stein (D) defeated Buck Newton (R) for the office of attorney general, while incumbent Dan Forrest (R) held on to the lieutenant governor’s office, beating challenger Linda Coleman (D) by over 300,000 votes.

North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall (D) defeated challenger Michael Lapaglia (R), and Michael Morgan defeated incumbent Robert Edmunds in the non-partisan NC Supreme Court race.

In local races, State Senator Trudy Wade (R) defeated challenger Michael Garrett (D) in District 27, while in District 28 Gladys Robinson (D) easily held her seat against challenger Devin King (R), defeating King by a nearly five to one margin.

In State House races, incumbent Jon Hardister (R) held his District 59 seat against Scott Jones (D). All other local state house seats were uncontested, with Democrats Mary Harrison, Amos Quick and Cecil Brockman and Republicans John Faircloth and John Blust all returning to the legislature.

In the Guilford County Board of Commissioners races, District 4 Republican J. Alan Branson defeated Democrat Kirk Perkins and District 6 Republican defeated Democrat Rick Forrester. In District 5 and District 8, Republican Jeff Phillips and Democrat Ray Trapp, respectively, ran unopposed.

Every seat on the Guilford County Board of Education was up for grabs, with the following results:

District One: Democrat T. Bellamy-Small ran unopposed.

District Two: Democrat Anita Sharp defeated Republican Jeff Belton

District Three: Republican Pat Tillman defeated Democrat Angelo Kidd

District Four: Republican Linda Welborn ran unopposed

District Five: Democrat Darlene Garrett defeated Republican Mary Catherine Sauer and independent Lois Baily.

District Six: Republican Wes Cashwell defeated Democrat Khem Denise Irby

District Seven: Democrat Byron Gladden defeated independent Bettye Jenkins

District Eight: Democrat Deena Hayes ran unopposed.

The two at-large seats were won by Democrat Alan Duncan and Republican Alan Hawkes

All four bond measures on the Guilford County ballot passed overwhelmingly. The bonds will go to finance affordable housing, community and economic development, parks and recreation and transportation.

Democrat Jeff Thigpen ran unopposed for Guilford County Register of Deeds and Ray Briggs ran unopposed for Guilford County Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor.

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