Was there ever room for someone in the spotlight with Michelle Obama?

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Antonio Rivera
  Staff Writer

As President Barack Obama’s time in office is coming to an end, a lot of people have chosen to look back on the past eight years. As we reflect, it seems one of the biggest political stars to emerge from Obama’s presidency is his wife, Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama has become one of the biggest pop icons in America. Her status is something that we have never seen before in a First Lady. She has become one of the biggest fashion, inspirational, and charitable personalities around the world.

But why in particular did Michelle Obama’s time as First Lady become one of the most popular out of any First Lady?

One reason in particular has to be the rise of media across all platforms. Press has evolved to become one of the most powerful things globally, including the rise of Michelle Obama.

Through the media she was able to launch her “Let’s Move!” campaign to help combat childhood obesity, been able to televise the important dinners that happen within the White House such as the State Dinner, the last of the which happened some weeks ago.

During these dinners, there’s been a spotlight on what Michelle Obama is wearing and it becomes a huge deal in the fashion industry. Every dress that Michelle has worn during her husband’s term in office has sold out almost immediately, making her a money machine for any designer she wears a dress for.

One of the largest strengths that Barack and Michelle Obama have been applauded for and share is their talent for being able to speak and inspire people very easily. This has allowed Michelle to be able to step out of the shadow of just being the president’s wife, a feat that very few First Ladies have been able to achieve.

And let’s talk about it. One of the biggest reasons why Michelle Obama has become one of the most important modern American icons is her historical label of being the nation’s first black First Lady.

When President Obama won the presidency for the first time, there was a huge reaction coming from the black community. For the first time ever, not only did we have the first black president in the United States but we also had the first black First Lady and first black First Family.

This had a huge impact on black people because for the first time, someone that looked like them was in the White House and they were a part of getting them there. It was a moment where black people were able to look back and see all the progress they have made and be proud of it.

It has also incorporated a lot of the black community into the political scene. The value of a family of color in the White House has been able to keep them interested in our government and politics because they feel like they finally have an opportunity to be involved.

However, there is one woman that a lot of people seemed to forget during both of President Obama’s two terms in office: Jill Biden.

If you didn’t know, Jill Biden is the Second Lady, because she is the wife of the Vice President. If you also didn’t know who our Vice President is, it’s Joe Biden (Hey, you would be surprised how little some people know about our government officials).

During the past eight years, we have not really heard anything about or from the Second Lady across the media, and it has been very interesting. In the past the First and Second Ladies have shared a lot of the time on media, but this time it’s been very different. The media has been all about Michelle Obama and not Jill Biden.

I think the reason we haven’t heard much about Jill Biden during the past eight years can be blamed on one thing: Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama has had such a huge impact on the country that there really isn’t much room for another person to share the spotlight with her, even the Second Lady.

Jill Biden’s identity to the public mostly comes from her just being the wife of a man in office, which is very different Michelle Obama.

Even as I wrote this, I had to research Jill Biden has exactly been doing since she assumed office in 2009 as the Second Lady of the United States. While doing this research on the Second Lady, I was very surprised to find that she has spent the past eight years doing something she loves: teaching.

Many even consider Jill Biden to be the first Second Lady to even have paying job while her husband was in office. It’s a little ironic that in the media she has not been seen to be much outside of her role as the wife of the Vice President. In reality, she is so distanced from being just a wife. Her independence is the only reason Dr. Jill Biden has kept out of the spotlight..

Michelle Obama’s time as the First Lady has been a historic one, so historic that many Americans even called on her to run for president during the 2016 election. This fanfare shows that she is one the most favored First Ladies of all time.

Unfortunately to some, her husband has announced that “she will never run for office”. However, there is one thing that he did assure us on, she will continue to fight for the things she cares about, just in a different way than she has as First Lady. This notion gives Americans ease that there will always be progress in our already great country thanks to women like Michelle Obama.

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