“New Year, New Membership, New Bod-” “Donuts!!”



Daniel Johnson
  Sports Editor


If you’re like me, the Holiday season is both your favorite time of the year and the time that you always leave worse than beginning. And I’m not talking about the amount of money spent on gifts for family, (seeing that any present over fifteen dollars is automatic crossed off the list); but instead the amount of food consumed throughout the six week period.


From the Thanksgiving Day feast until polishing off the final Christmas dinner leftovers, and every cheesecake and pumpkin pie in between, the holiday diet is something to behold. Essentially, traditional meals become different types of meat, macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, and the Willy Wonka starter pack. What doesn’t help is the fact that my family knows my sweet tooth and ends up giving me candy as the safe gift. What further fails to help is the fact that my dad’s birthday is December 27th, so here comes the birthday cake. My house during the holiday season is like being in the witch’s house from Hansel and Gretel, there is a literal waterfall of candy and sweets.   


But all that is okay, because come the start of the New Year, we have own annual resolution. Ah the New Year’s Resolution, the promise/decision/unsigned contract we make with ourselves to better us for the next year. You know, “New Year, New Me.” Resolutions could be to add something in your life or cutting something off, like reading more, giving up smoking or alcohol, or work harder to get a promotion. And what is more common than changing one’s diet and obtaining a membership at the local gym.


The second those doors open on January 2, I’ll burst in and prepare a 364 day mission to make this year’s version of me look fantastic. It’s this mentality that leads to the classic voice of God narrating a small passage of time, but now the main character is back to the point where they started prior to their previous commitment.  


The January gym rush leads to the inevitable February slowdown, March surrender, and April showers, which are just the tears shed because of the amount of Easter candy eaten. Dreams of looking like Dwayne Johnson or Conor McGregor end as we awake to the cruel reality that dreams do not come true without an insane amount of hard work and commitment that’s really, really hard.


As creatures of habit, it is difficult to integrate something small into our everyday life, let alone something that requires a complete commitment that shows very little difference until months in it. Let’s face it, as good as we feel after a post gym workout and shower, in the long run, the workout is a lone brick in the Great Wall of China that is your body. It’ll take at least a month of work on the treadmill at least three to five times a week and a proper diet that differences will be made. Which will require a great amount of self control, discipline, and ability to adjust an average schedule.


I honestly do not really remember the last time I made a New Year’s Resolution, because I know it will be broken before MLK Day. It’s a trend established in my childhood: I remember vowing to stop losing my toys, but have not found most of the old Yu Gi Oh cards I lost that February. Ultimately, January 1 is just a day.

There is nothing special about it. You are the same person that day as you were the previous day, the previou week, and previous month. It’s not a reset button. So if you are serious about going to the gym to workout, do it because it’s something you truly want to, and stay there for more than a month.


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