SGA discusses election process, referendum

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Jayce Shore
  Staff Writer


On Tuesday, January 31, the SGA met to discuss business and changes to the SGA election process.

Current Student Body President Joseph B. Graham and Vice President Sajin Chhabra both expressed excitement over coming elections. There will be a new presidential administration and new electoral concepts, such as the ticket system commonly used in federal elections, that Graham plans to introduce to the SGA election process.

“This is the best time for an SGA election. Everyone is gearing up for a new administration and everyone is rethinking their pathway to leadership and student governance on campus,” Graham stated. “I’m personally very excited. In the past, I’ve either run for a position or I’ve been involved with the campaign for someone who has been running for president or vice president, so I’ll be happy to sit back and watch.”

Graham also spoke about his and Chhabra’s goal of building strong leaders in SGA and his excitement regarding the new referendum and implementation of the ballot ticket used by the federal government system.

“There are some members on my cabinet who I think are considering running, some people on the legislative board are considering running,” Graham said. “I’m excited for the potential. I think that we’ve done a good job so far of building strong leaders in SGA. That was both my and Sajin Chhabra’s, the vice president’s goal…Hopefully it turns out for the best.”

“There will also be a new implementation of a ticket, other university SGA’s have this ticket process,” Graham said, “if you want to run for president, you have to run together with a vice president…Along with other constitutional revisions, we will have this system depending on how the students vote in this referendum.”

Vice president Sajin Chhabra also had a few words to say on the upcoming elections.

“I’m excited for the elections to come up because we’ve really done a lot to revamp them,” Chhabra commented. “We’re making them a lot more interactive, we’re inviting a lot more students out, we’re making more efforts to get people excited and ready for a competitive election to help transition into the new year.”

A mock conduct hearing was also conducted with the student conduct advisors to help students understand their rights if their conduct is found unsatisfactory or in direct violation of UNCG policy. The conduct hearings at UNCG are not prosecutorial. As such, they do not go by a guilty-or-innocent system. The case is not to incriminate the student, but is meant to make the student understand their role in the UNCG community.

Due to graduating seniors, spots in the SGA will be open for new members.

The SGA meets every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the EUC Maple Room, and is open to the public.

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