2017 Guilford Heart Ball brings attention to Greensboro Medical Facilities

Linda Cheng
  Staff Writer


The Greensboro medical community, while not prominent in North Carolina, has made enormous strides in research and prevention education.

The American Heart Association’s 2017 Guilford Heart Ball drew nearly 200 community and business leaders on Saturday evening. The ball raised nearly $100,000 for heart disease and stroke research, as well as prevention education.

A large part of the money was raised through a ceremony called the “Open Your Heart Moment”, in which the gala guests donated strictly philanthropic gifts after meeting a young boy who was born with Truncus Arterosis, a congenital heart disease. The “Open Your Heart Moment” ceremony itself raised $40,000.

While the Greensboro medical community has made many great improvements within its medical community, it remains far from the technological innovation and advantage that the Research Triangle Park’s medical community possesses.

The Research Triangle Park is one of the largest and most prominent research parks in the world, and is named for the three main cities, or hubs, within which it is located.

The cities, or more accurately universities, are Raleigh’s North Carolina State University, Durham’s Duke University, and UNC Chapel Hill.

Within the Research Triangle Park’s medical community are such prestigious institutions as the Duke University Hospital, University of North Carolina Hospital, and WakeMed Health and Hospitals.

When it comes to competing with the Research Triangle Park medical community, Cone Health of Greensboro does not have the resources to make a strong showing.

Raleigh resident Meredith Flagler has been to WakeMed Health and Hospitals multiple times due to continuous injury from playing varsity softball.

“It is an amazing amazing health care system,” Flagler said in a phone interview. “The staff truly care about you, everyone is so helpful, and the service is top notch. I have gone in so many times I am practically on first name basis with all the nurses! WakeMed Health and Hospitals is undoubtedly, in my opinion, the best medical care system in North Carolina. I would not want to go anywhere else for treatment, and I honestly would not trust any other hospital.”

But while medical developments may not be the crown jewel that the Research Triangle is, Greensboro hospitals compare favorably to other institutions across the state.

The Charlotte Carolinas Medical Center is a large publicly funded nonprofit medical center, and has more than 1000 physicians and providers, compared to Cone Health, which houses 1,300 physicians, 11,000 employees, and 1,200 volunteers. Compared to Charlotte’s CMC, Cone Health has comparably more resources.

Greensboro resident Joanna Bridger has used both medical care providers due to her extended family living in both Greensboro and Charlotte

“While the Charlotte Carolinas Medical Center is a pretty well run center, I have to say that it is just too overwhelmed most of the time. The staff are great and the providers are really great as well, but it just doesn’t have enough human power for the amount and influx of patients that flow in everyday,” Bridger said. “So many people…I mean, it is ridiculous. And since Charlotte Carolinas Medical Center is publicly funded, there is no doubt that they are underfunded. Cone Health definitely wins in comparison- there are more staff and fewer patients, which inevitably leads to better service. There is less frenzy, the wait time is obviously better, it is an overall more pleasant service and experience.”


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