UNCG Career Service Center to host Spring Career Fair

Sarah Kate Purnell
  Staff Writer


On Wednesday, March 1 UNCG will hold its spring career fair, hosted by the Career Services Center on campus.


The fair will take place from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at the Kaplan Center, with shuttles running to and from the Elliott University Center and the  Kaplan Center every fifteen minutes.


“We’re really working to elevate the quality of the employers that come and look at the employer mix,” Catherine Goetz, Assistant Director of Employer Relations at UNCG stated. “We want to make sure that there is genuinely something for everybody.”


Expected at the spring career fair are employers, such as Volvo, Hanes Brand, Lincoln Financial, and other large corporations. Typically, ten percent of employers registered for attendance are graduate schools, including the Public Health Michigan program.


“We, as a leadership team, are trying to be much more strategic and much more intentional.” Goetz stated in regards to determining companies at the career fair and student success.


“As opposed to us saying ‘here’s what you should really be interested in’, we want to turn that inside out and say, ‘you tell us who you want, we’ll talk about what that means, and then we will try to create those opportunities and experiences for you,” Goetz added.


In order to attend the career fair, participants must be registered through Spartan Careers, wear professional attire, and come in with an open mind.


While suits are no longer required, it’s important to dress ‘smart professional.’ Putting the extra effort in and dressing professionally and appropriately for your intended career is required, although a suit is no longer mandatory for entry.


While not required, it is strongly suggested for participants to bring copies of their resumes.


Reviewing the list of companies, researching companies background information, as well as what careers are available are important. In doing this, a student is able to know for sure which companies they’ll be interested and want to make time to talk to.


“It can also be beneficial to have already applied to some positions for the career fair attendees online. That way, they can pull your name out of a hat and you won’t be buried underneath 50 other applications,” Goetz said.


There will be two career fair prep meetings called “Do’s Dont’s and Donuts” to be held by the Career Services Center the Monday and Tuesday prior to the event. Location and times for the meeting are to be announced.


Additionally, the Spartan Career Center is in the stages of collecting data from past companies regarding statistics in the number of students they have interviewed or made offers to from attending the career fair.


“The thing that we’re most proud of is the increase in student participation,” Goetz concluded, “but also, the feedback from employers about why they chose UNCG is stellar. They genuinely appreciate how clever and creative and engaged our students are. It’s important to know how highly this office and how highly the University thinks of them.”


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