Dodgeball at the Kaplan Center


Garrison Pulley
Staff Writer

We are already about a month into second semester of the school year, and the intramural sports have already gotten into full swing. There are many different intramural sports to play at UNCG, many of which are being played at the new Kaplan Center. Intramural dodgeball is the game I watched closely as I saw two teams go against each other for an hour. After the rules and regulations were verbally explained to the players it was game on and the two teams began to fight for a winner. I interviewed one of the players before the game had started and asked the question, what made you want to play dodgeball out of all the choices of sports?


His response was, “I’m not sure, at first I was asked by my friend to play on a team we just needed to decide on what sport to play. Dodgeball seemed like the most fun sport to try so we did it.”


The rules of dodgeball are rather simple, so there isn’t much to pick up in terms of learning, but you need to be able to think on your feet and keep your eyes moving. This is one of the safer sports we have in the intramural selections we have for the semester and probably one of the most generally enjoyed sports, because just about anyone can play this sport and learn the rules and techniques of the game.


I asked another question to one of the players before the game started about how much of a workout it is playing dodgeball? He said, “It’s not much of a workout at the beginning of the game, besides running up to get the ball at half court during the start of the game. But once you get down to the last two or three people you need to focus on your throwing arm and stamina, because you want to save both of those for the later rounds and wait for the right moment to throw the ball at the other team.”

Once the game gets started there are not stoppages in the game aside from when the rounds end. In the match taking place before my eyes, I witnessed a very exciting game that came down to the last three players twice. One of the players made two catches at the end of the round to finish off the final two opponents while also bringing two more teammates back in off the bench. In the postgame interview, I had with that player, I asked him about the highlight play he had made, “I didn’t even notice I had won the game to be honest, I was just focused on not dropping the ball and causing myself to go out. It was cool the way it happened, like something out of the Dodgeball Movie.”


And he isn’t wrong when he says that highlight was like it came out of the Dodgeball Movie, it was a very exciting moment to watch and the players’ teammates were also very excited to see that kind of victory. I also asked another player what it felt like being hit with the ball and he said, “It’s not too bad, because of how soft the balls are it makes it less painful, but if you get hit head on with someone who throws at full strength it makes it a little painful.”

The regular intramural dodgeball season ends on Feb 22. Currently, Bad and Dodgee are 1-0 and tied with Lara’s team for first place in the Tuesday division, with Middlebury Falcons and Lamba Chi Alpha rounding out third and fourth position in the ranks. In the Wednesday division the leading team is Pike Gold who are 2-0 on the season. Balls of Duty and The Resolutionists are tied for second and third with ConeZone bring up the rear.


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