Fantastic Podcasts and Where to Find Them


Matthew Paterson
   Staff Writer

The age of talk radio may seem like a form of entertainment that was proven obsolete by the new age of technology.  Digitally streaming music, aux cords and the dwindling attention span of the newer generations drew audiences away from the radio to more immediate satisfaction. Now audiences are flooded with the power of being able to choose what song to enjoy, without the limitations of what’s in your CD collection.

Though, like most species on the precipice of extinction, it adapted. Flowing with the wave of  new age, the Podcast was born. It took a while for podcasts to take off and reach the level of notoriety they have attained in the past few years, now there is a variety of categories to choose from, from radio dramas to talk shows. Here are a few that may assist in getting you through the day, the travel a class you loathe, and even aid digestion.

Dinner Party Download, a podcast that airs weekly on 130 public radio stations and HD channels, also found online, focuses on spreading culture and knowledge. You’ll learn a new joke, listen to an intelligent interview with a range of celebrities on their field of expertise and learn their process to the deeper meaning behind their creations. The show also has a recipe to a different themed cocktail each week, and even teaches etiquette techniques among much more. It is hosted by Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam along with Michelle Philippe and Jackson Musker. Their quirky style and witty banter grabs your attention and holds it steadily for a wild 40 minutes.

Comedian Marc Maron has his own podcast titled “WTF with Marc Maron.” Each episode he has a fellow comedian/actor friend to sit down and discuss whichever topic is plaguing Marc’s mind that week. This results in hilarious yet still intellectual social commentary on the most abstract things.

If you’re not familiar with Maron’s style, he tends to view every subject from the crotchety old man perspective. To put it plainly, most of the time he is complaining about some minimal problem that sends his neuroses into a vicious frenzy. His podcast is also featured on his IFC show “Maron” where he mixes media and does both a scripted TV show and an unscripted podcast. While he started out with stand up, he is arguably most known for his podcast.

Marc Maron is not the only quasi-celebrity that has embraced the podcast movement. Filmmaker Kevin Smith, most known for “Clerks”, “Chasing Amy” and most recently multiple episodes of “Flash and Supergirl” has been host to several podcasts. His first podcast titled SMODCAST which he does with his friend and frequent producer Scott Mosier and occasionally his sidekick, Jason Mewes where they sit down, smoke a fat one, then proceed to discuss the chosen topic or tell stories of their old days in a very stoner fashion.

Smith and Mosier even created the idea for what would become the film “Tusk.” The story hinges on a podcaster who gets kidnapped by an interviewee and turned into a walrus. It contains the acting likes of Justin Long, Michael Parks and grown up Haley Joel Osment, It even has an uncredited performance by Johnny Depp. His other podcast “Fatman on Batman” is a comedy show hosted by actor Ralph Garman and himself.

The Comedy Button is a podcast that consistently leaves you in a pool of tears from unstoppable laughter that will make you look crazy to anyone in the vicinity. They have been producing episodes since 2011 and each episode contains weird, unexpected and insane conversations that are totally out of the blue. It is hosted by Max Scoville, Anthony Gallegos, Brian Altano, Ryan Scott and Scott Bromley. The conversations sometimes have a theme or purpose but sometimes it’s whatever they feel like doing, keeping the show fresh and different with every listen.

Next time when the impossible happens and you run out of songs to listen or your music queue isn’t exactly doing it for you, there is always the podcast app that apple, much to your aggravation won’t allow you to delete, to save the day.

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