Debugging iPhone 8 rumors

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Tarlon Khoubyari
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Rumors are spreading about the next wave of advancements in Apple’s product release. Apple has come along way from the original iPhone, however, each product release has minor changes design changes. Apple releases products with noticeable enough features for consumers to purchase it but don’t make any big changes. The evolution of the iPhone has been minute but the market is about to be hit with some really incredible stuff considering it is Apple’s tenth edition of the iPhone. The iPhone 8 or X is expected to release in September later this year. The anniversary iPhone is expected to get a huge makeover in overall aesthetics, display, and charging.


One of the big, more notable changes in the iPhone 8 or iPhone X is the price tag that comes with it. Technology reviewing deem this anniversary edition of the iPhone to be over 1,000 dollars for apparently significant improvements to the device. Apple will release different models of the device made out of different materials to match the different price points. It may follow the same trend: the iPhone 7s, iPhone 8(X), and the iPhone 8(X) Plus. Unless Apple figures out a way to manufacture the screen more efficiently, the price tag will be primarily for the brand new screen.


Is the iPhone 8 going stainless steel? Stainless steel is significantly cheaper to manufacture for Apple to produce than their traditional unibody process. The stainless steel and other cheaper materials will hold the glass body in place.


The future is OLED. OLED is the edge to edge curved screen that Apple is going to introduce on the next iPhone. OLED isn’t new for Apple’s product line: the Apple Watch and the new Macbook Pro’s Touch Bar are two existing products that have it. OLED is a lot better than the traditional LED screen seen in typical devices and phones. OLED is more flexible than LED. The curved edges will be a revolutionary change for Apple as the sales for iPhones are declining. Apple is going to explore with different materials protecting the expected glass body.


Some security bonuses: Apple might include some facial recognition infrared sensors near the front-facing camera. This could replace the existing touch ID feature or the camera might be integrated with the touch ID to improve the security. Think of this as Apple’s way to do Snapchat’s fun filters while protecting your device.


Other improvements:

Wireless charging (finally)- long range wireless charging seems like a fantasy but could be here sooner than we actually think. Apple has invested into a lot of design patents that suggest they could be implementing long range charging. Also, they have been hiring engineers who have experience with wireless charging to help this initiative move forward. How this would work: there would be a wireless charging chip in the phone and a receiving transmitter that would transfer power between each other. This is a little concerning because if the device is further away from the transmitter it could charge slower.

Bye bye home button the  touch ID and the camera would integrated in the overall display of the phone and would replace the the home button because the edge-to-edge screen wouldn’t allow any room for it. Different variations of vibrations and taps could trigger certain commands like Apple Wallet.

A bigger better battery and a faster A11 processor

Apple’s iPhone 8 may surprise or disappoint; only time will tell.

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