5 Things I Learned in March


Daniel Johnson
   Sports Editor 


Well, here we are. Down the final half mile down the final stretch. For seniors, you are buying your cap and gowns, getting your class rings, and waking up in a cold sweat over the realization that your a month away from “the real world.” And for freshmen-juniors, you’re counting the days until you reach your senior year. But for sports fans, March held many memories and moments to look back on.


  1. College Basketball has Overtaken the NBA in Quality

As a three point shooter when playing a pickup game occasionally in the rec or on the outside courts, the shot has taken something away from the NBA game. The excitement of close games go away because a team that gets hot in a quarter will take a 30 point lead. Intracal offensive games involving all five players have turned into a two man game of screens until the player can put up a shot guaranteed not to get blocked. And the parity in the game is gone. Yes, the National Championship is between the top two teams this season, but regular season and tournament games with UNC and Gonzaga were still competitive games. Yes, the NBA has better overall players obviously. But right now, the more entertaining basketball can be found in the twenty year olds.


  1. NBA Doesn’t Care about the Regular Season and Neither do I

LeBron James is going to the Finals. No matter the seeding, the struggles the Cavaliers have shown this month, or what anyone says, the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to the Finals. In the West, it’s the Spurs or Warriors. And you know what, I could have told you that before the season started. The NBA may have had many dynasties in it’s, compared to the other sporting leagues, young history. Yet, this season has been disappointing with competition, the gap between the great to good to average teams, keeping the viewer invested, and just showing a good product. Nothing is enjoyable about a three point contest outside of All-Star Weekend and a Golden State Warriors game. We are hitting a point now where every game seems like a three point shooting contest, and it’s hurting the final product.


  1. For a Second Year, Baseball and Softball will be a Required View for May

For another season, the baseball and softball teams for UNCG find themselves either at the top or close to the top of the Southern Conference. With the softball team, granted early on in their SoCon season, is undefeated in conference play and is one of two teams in their conference to own a record above .500. To this point early in the season, the Spartans are the team to beat in SoCon softball. For baseball, the team is tied for third place, with the conference looking to the Mercer Bears who own a 23-6 record. Overall, there is not much to say more than that the softball and baseball teams have once again made Spartan spring sports exciting.


  1. Biggest Question Mark for Next Year: Women’s Basketball

Trina Patterson’s first year with the women’s basketball team proved to be one of their best in recent memory, with their first 20 win season since 2006-07. Two freshmen, Nadine Soliman and Mangela Ngandjui made the SoCon All-Tournament team and will be stable players for the next few seasons for Spartans basketball. The biggest question however comes from the team having to replace close to half their team because of graduation. Can the team build off their great season or regress with the loss of veteran leadership? How will Patterson replace their talent lost? The team’s recruiting schedule will definitely be something to watch.


  1. Some teams  

Colin Kaepernick has not been the top QB in the NFL during his young career. He went from a young sensation that led the 49ers to a Super Bowl appearance combining a shotgun arm and mobility. However, the past seasons have seen regression after regression. But all that becomes secondary news with him kneeling during the National Anthem throughout last NFL season. Now, not only is he a man without a team, but he also is a man who takes unnecessary shots from anonymous NFL executives who have stated that some teams “hated” Kaepernick, NFL players, and even the President. But in a league that has given second and third chances to lesser QBs like Tim Tebow and Robert Griffin III, tolerated players with a history of domestic violence like Greg Hardy and Josh Brown, and in less than a month, about to almost certainly to draft Joe Mixon, a talented running back who is on a Ray Rice-like video of punching a classmate, any excuse on why Kaepernick might not make a single NFL team without an established QB (ie. the Cleveland Browns, New York Jets, Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, and the Houston Texans) and does not focus on his “lack of patriotism” is just being intellectually dishonest.


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