Bryce Hendrix Wins SoCon Golfer of the week


UNCG Athletics

Isaiah Hilarie
  Staff Writer


        Sophomore Bryce Hendrix has achieved three of his five goals for this season as he was named SoCon golfer of the week for UNCG. Hendrix stated that his main goal this year was to get five top ten finishes for his team and as an individual achievement. He set his goals and has been set to complete them at the beginning of this year, yearning to earn five top ten finishes with one of those top ten finishes being a win. He believes that it will be a “decent” goal to accomplish by the end of only his second year in college. Tearing his knee at the beginning stages of him playing baseball in High school, Bryce mentions that he was very “antsy” as a rising athlete and he mentioned that the doctor told him that golf was the only thing that he could play. He then insisted on doing some sort of sport so he proceeded with golf, now being one of the best golf players on the team for UNCG.

        Bryce intends to reach his goal of finishing a golf tournament in the top ten by the end of the semester. He has a very good chance as he showed how determined he is in improving his play as well as improving the strengths. He knows that as an athlete and made clear that there is always room for improvement. There could be improvement in the motion in which he swings in or even the dynamics of the way he swings. Bryce made it known that he was going to ensure his success by always wanting more. His goals that he pointed out clearly shows that he wants more in his second year in college. A young man with goals is what every coach wants when coaching a college team. The year can get very stressful with work being piled up on the students, but Bryce made it clear that he would prioritize and that is what will help him finish in the top in two more times.

        Bryce’s first sport was baseball, playing shortstop and throwing that ball across the field to first basemen a plethora of times. Bryce learned that when was injured it was nearly impossible to play baseball for a long time. Bryce mentioned that he wanted to participate in some sort of physical activity so he inquired with the doctor and the doctor enlightened him on his possibilities with golf being the only choice. He then made his talents of powering the ball into the outfield from batting applicable to hitting the ball with a golf club. Alongside hitting came with form as well which is what Bryce now thrives in playing for UNCG. His determination and will to get better is what separates him from most athletes in college. Bryce not only wants to successful in college, but also has the desire to be successful as a golfer. Bryce made it clear that because he didn’t pursue baseball in college, he wanted to ensure he was successful in golf. Bryce seems to be happy now without baseball as golf has unequivocally turned into his new favorite sport.

        Bryce wanted to make sure that his goals were completed this season and as a sophomore, the goals are spectacular for his age and grade. By setting those goals, Bryce sets himself apart from others, not only on his team, but others in college. College students fully understand that the stressors of finishing horrific 10-15 page papers can really be intense. Bryce showed that he wants to be successful in both aspects of college. He wants have a successful golf career in college as well as a successful academic one. Being able to balance both is key in being a successful graduate. With the accomplishment of being golfer of the week, Bryce can now look forward to more awards as he continues to thrive in both college and in golf.


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