Revolution Mills Food Truck & Artapalooza Festival

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Tarlon Khoubyari
    Web Content Manager

It was a beautiful Saturday at Revolution Mills, a remodeled factory that now has apartments, working spaces and restaurants. Developers took advantage of the large textile mill and transformed it into a space for events and the Greensboro community to get together.


From 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on April 1, and families came all day long for the food truck favorites like Qspresso and Baconsense to enjoy the incredible weather and different workshops. This event showcased the importance of artists creating work and a career that they could live off of.

The North Carolina Entrepreneurship Center along with Revolution Mill partnered up with City Arts, UNCG School of Music, GTCC’s Business, Creative & Performing Arts, Arts Greensboro and Create Your Own City, to pull off this amazing day.

The event was broken up into two parts: one part consisted of a series of workshops that helped artists and individuals develop their business skills and the evening showcased a variety of local artists and amazing performances. Arts Revolution had everything from music, to comedy, to storytelling and even chefs. Attendees had the chance to make arts for themselves through murals and painting. There was a glass room filled with information about the Revolution Mill and the history of what happened in that location years ago.

It’s a wonderful addition to the Greensboro art scene but also preserves Greensboro’s proud textile history. When you head inside the main entrance of the building, you saw the display of friendly volunteers greeting festival goers. Outside of the venue, the food trucks filled the space with delicious food and beautiful music.

Overall, the event was spectacular. It brought the community together to a place not known by many. If you have the chance to go to one of Art Revolution’s future events, I would highly recommend it.

For more information regarding Art Revolution and Revolution Mills, visit their websites at or

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