UNCG Club Football Team

Garrison Pulley
   Staff Writer

Every Monday and Wednesday night, the club football team practices on the North Field. I got the privilege of meeting and talking to the club football team recently and got some insight on the players and team. The football team has been unstable in the UNCG sports community with the team being added back into the fold and then taken back out. But there is hope around the team that this will be the one that sticks and stays as a part of the school for a while. This is also a big step towards UNCG having an actual football program, which is still a while down the road, but it’s a step in the right direction.

This year’s club team will be taking part in a total of seven games throughout the season, with four of those being home games. We get the chance to play against some of the bigger universities as well, schools like UNC Chapel Hill two times and Ohio State in an away game. The season begins on September 17 with a home game against UNC Chapel Hill and the regular season ends on April 29 against UNC at home with the playoffs starting shortly after.

I managed to interview some of the players on the team and asked them some questions about what their team and personal goals were, what position they currently play at, and the experience they have with organized football. Brandon Travis, the starting quarterback for the club team answered these questions. Travis said.

“Obviously do well enough to make it to the playoffs and play in the national championship. But my personal goals are to become an all-American and become a better pocket passer.”

Travis is in his junior year of college and decided to come to UNCG on a full academic scholarship, turning down a couple of football scholarships. While he has been playing football most of his life he hopes to play in the NCAA when he makes it to grad school.

Blaine Ayers the starting middle linebacker for the team has the personal goals of “giving everybody an opportunity, that we work together as a team and that I perform to the best of my ability. But team goals, I just wanna go out there, win some games, have some fun, hopefully make it to the playoffs and win a championship.”

Ayers a senior said that while middle linebacker was his main position he has played at multiple different positions. He has been playing football for as long as he can remember and is excited to get the season started at the beginning of next semester.

In the final interview of the players I got to talk to a man named Michael Youngblood who said his team goals were, “just to win, get established as a program, hopefully get us a few more steps towards becoming a NCAA Division 1 program. Personally, just to help my team as much as I can, we’re a little low on numbers but wherever they need me I’ll play.”


While primarily Michael the sophomore has moved all over the field while playing his primary position of defensive line, while he has also had experience in running, punting, and playing on the offensive line. With his experience, he has been around football his whole life with his dad being a high school football coach. Michael is also a transfer who played football at Brevard College in his freshman year, but decided to come here and join the club team in the process.

While the team is small now, it seems like the players know that this club team will catch on around campus and the student and faculty will rally around the team in hopes to make it on a bigger stage as a football program and to be able to play in Division 1 football for the NCAA.

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