The Wonders Outside UNCG

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Kaetlyn Dembkoski
   Staff Writer

As this semester draws to a close in less than a month, taking a moment in preparation for final exams and projects is extremely important. For some, just the mere mention of free breakfast at night in the cafeteria is enough of a break. However, for others, while the campus does hold its own means for relaxation, getting off campus and find places beyond it is just what people need.

Fortunately for those people, the list of things to do  is expansive and extensive (with most places favoring the inexpensive side of entertainment). Whether it is comic books, video games, arts, museums, or concerts, the area surrounding our campus is plentiful with places to spend your time without spending too much money.

Every college relies on an outer area surrounding their campus to keep their students happy, seeing as not every event they hold will interest every student. Additionally, out of all potential event ideas, campuses can only dream of managing each and every one that could possibly occur.

This is where the outside factors and businesses come into play. In my three years at UNCG, I’ve found myself straying away from some of the campus events, and instead, wandering the outskirts of campus grounds.

Through my wandering, I’ve found a wide variety of places to spend my time. As an avid gamer, I frequent the Lost Ark Video Games store on Spring Garden Street to play on some of the arcade machines in the back, as well as to attend gaming tournaments.

Along with that, when the time lines up with the events, the fact that the Greensboro Coliseum Complex has a bus transit straight to it, makes it so I have no reason not to attend shows and concerts when these come to the neighborhood.

To reach multiple types of people, the range of places that surround UNCG expands out to people of varying likes. For those who enjoy plays, while our campus holds many different performances, there is also Triad Stage, which holds their own.

For the person who needs a couple hours in a secluded space outdoors, there are many peaceful parks, like the Greensboro Arboretum and Bicentennial Garden to venture to. Even for those who want a little more of a historic route, there are a multitude of museums, like the Civil Rights Museum or the Greensboro Science Center, all within a five-mile radius from campus.

For students, the addition of these places to our college experiences makes it so that we can expand beyond our dorms and the events directly in front of us into the world around us. Seeing as we’ll only be here for a couple of years, the need to find places where we can interact with others beyond that of a student-to-student interaction through classes is imperative.

Without these places around, students might not connect to campus events and remain solely within the confines of their residence halls. These locations in our college town add a bigger sense of reaching out to different types of persons than the normal sports event or campus event might pull in.

These community locales also create new opportunity for people from that campus to meet one another that they normally would not have in normal circumstances. Some people might say that these places are distractions to our education, but that I refute.

I feel that these people aren’t considering the sheer amount of stress students carry with them daily. Due to these places being around our campus, we can interact with one another in environments that suit us better. These event spaces and businesses are also much more maintainable than large college campus events, based on the hundreds of people that may show at a campus event.

While the events in the smaller areas are less crowded, they are far more qualitative in terms of experience, since students can actually meet one another and talk, which is usually preferred over the rush of overly large events on campus.

So remember, during the upcoming final exams, and projects nearing their deadline, the need for a break is in the back of everyone’s minds. While the campus is providing midnight breakfast and other relaxation means, sometimes an off-campus trip can be just what is needed.

Whether that be to see a funny play, win some games in a tournament style gameplay, or debate over the best comic book characters, what the UNCG campus lacks in events, the surrounding area can provide what might be exactly the type of relaxation that some people need before the onslaught of stress.

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