United States’ Real First Lady


LA Times

Antonio Rivera
   Staff Writer 


As of recent, it has come to many people’s attention that there has been someone missing in the structure of the current White House. It has also come to many people’s attention that there has been someone extra within the White House. As Melania Trump has been away in New York while her son finishes his school year, she has failed to make any waves as First Lady.

But there has been someone who has stepped up to fulfill her role.

Fashion designer and television personality Ivanka Trump has become, unofficially, an honorary First Lady, during her father’s term in office. An obvious favorite child of Donald Trump, Ivanka has been very involved within the White House the past couple of months. So much that she even moved her entire family to Washington DC.

As the Assistant to the President, she is the only one of her siblings to have an official job within the White House. Her husband is a Senior Advisor to the President, as well as the Director of the Office of American Innovation, further enhancing Ivanka’s power within the White House.

Ivanka has made calls and been in official meetings that she should not have access to, especially with the job she has, but has been given special permission to have such clearance. This is making it very clear to the American people that she has more power within the White House than what we’re being told. 

This past Friday, Ivanka was taken to meet the Chinese President, while her father was set to discuss official business.

With all these things Ivanka has been doing, it has become increasingly obvious that she has become an important face, as well as voice, during this chapter of the White House.

But should she be there? Why in the world is the First Daughter involved within the White House in any capacity?

This is something that we’ve never seen a child of a president do. To be fair, there shouldn’t be a problem with a president’s child working within the White House, if they are qualified. And that brings up a huge issue. How in the world is Ivanka qualified to be the Assistant to the President?

In the past, those within the inner circle of the President have had extensive resumes within politics, as well as in other fields. Ivanka, at most, has experience only within the business and fashion worlds. But the politics part of the resume is something she lacks.

In fact, the lack of political experience within the White House is at an all-time high, ever since the creation of the country.

Lack of experience has been a huge part of people’s issue with the current overall state of the White House. It seems like a lot of people were given jobs as favors without having any experience in the roles received.

Ivanka’s time in office is very surprising considering her experience. However, it has become apparent that the lack of experience for jobs not only run in the family, but also don’t matter anymore within the White House.

When it comes to being First Lady, Ivanka isn’t qualified, simply because she isn’t the First Lady. When the campaign for presidency was launched, Donald Trump and his wife Melania should have discussed and planned what their roles would be, just in case he won the presidency.

The fact that Melania is not in Washington shows a lack of organization, when it comes to the current First Family. When one person in the family runs for President, every single member is running. That’s just part of the job. When the candidate’s life changes, the entire family’s life changes.

So, no. Ivanka should not be sharing the duties of First Lady with Melania. It is Melania’s job to do it, and there shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place when it comes to doing it. If Michelle Obama exhibited this kind of behavior, the American people wouldn’t have accepted it for one second. It’s only right, therefore, that we uphold the current First Family to the same standards.

If Ivanka had to be in the White House for whatever reason, it is only fair to the American people that she holds a position in something that she is qualified for. She should not be running things that she has never done before, especially on such a huge level.

Ivanka Trump has had an extensive career that many people would love to have. But only because her father is who he is. When it comes to the White House and the American government, who her father is should not allow her to do whatever she wants. This is not the time to do things because of family ties. It’s time for America to be held to a higher standard, to equate to higher results. 

Hopefully, Ivanka will be able to see that. Especially because, considering the way things are currently looking in Washington DC, her father never will. 


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