Farewell Piece

Zachary Weaver
Former News Editor

For the past year I have served as News Editor of The Carolinian, assigning articles and critiquing them for publication. I’ve met innumerable people, wrote one article a week, and seen more of campus and Greensboro than I would have otherwise.

My first article for The Carolinian was on the UNCG budget. Not the most auspicious of starts, and certainly not one that I remember much from. What I do recall is the sense of purpose and subsequent pride that I felt. I was reporting the news, and applying what I had been taught in journalism class for the first time.

More than that, I recall my sense of accomplishment upon receiving the news editorship.

I strove to move the news section away from soft news, instead promoting a wider focus on city, state and even national topics. I wanted to cover topics that mattered, and ones that interested the student population of Greensboro. Coming on during election season benefitted me here, as there were campaign stops aplenty in Greensboro, with the Obama’s October visit a clear highlight.

I’ve seen much more of Greensboro that I would have otherwise. The tendency of students to stay on-campus is well-known, and for my freshman year that was true. I knew nothing of local goings-on and politics. Writing for the newspaper made me more aware of Greensboro happenings, and arguably more aware of the world around me, which is a beneficial trait to carry forward.

I have learned and grown through my time here at The Carolinian. I am proud of the work my writers have done, and I’ve seen each of them grow and develop through their work with the paper. I’m also happy with my successor Madison Hoffman; she’s written well in her brief time, and I have high hopes for her news editor tenure.

I’m very grateful for my time here at The Carolinian. I’ve made many friends that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. It’s been a fun run here at the newspaper, and it’s hard to leave that behind. Letting go from the editor reins was difficult, as for the last year I’ve been responsible for four or more writers weekly. It’s odd to think that this week’s issue is my last here. All chapters must end, and I can say that while mine had its share of typos, it has ended well.

I wish The Carolinian and her writers well in the future. It’s been fun and constructive, and I hope I’ve left the paper in better shape than I found it. May you all live in (positively) interesting times!

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