Pros and Cons of Playing Madden By Yourself


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Daniel Johnson
Sports Editor

Well it is summer time, meaning all the time that was once committed to study groups and deciding whether or not a twenty page packet is worth printing, can now be spent relaxing on a humid day in my room and plugging in Madden football. Find yourself a friend, plug in two controllers and see which one of you will be sleeping as a Vince Lombardi and which of you will be sleeping like Marty Schottenheimer (yes, there was a coach named Marty Schottenheimer).

For those of you who consider themselves as a lone wolf type, which I always consider myself, looks like it’ll be a solo game of Madden. Now this may sound it could get boring after a while, sports video games for the most part are designed with multiple competitors in mind, like any competition in general. Still, playing Madden football on the Nintendo Wii by yourself does have as many pros as it does cons. And yes, Madden football on the original Nintendo Wii. I might as well try to invite friends over MySpace or on my sidekick. I am very far behind.

Pro: Team Selections

This time is definitely a testing period for different teams and players. Without the fear of losing, why not use this time to play with different teams. Worst case scenario, your predictions are correct and these teams are not worth your time or can not competitively stand up to an opponent that is not the AI. And best case scenario, you might have found your ace in the hole team that you realize you cannot be defeated with. Already, the Washington Redskins with Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris running the football together have been a killer combination. Yes, RGIII and Alfred Morris are still in Washington. I am behind people!

Con: Game Length

You really can’t play a game longer than five minutes per quarter. Now if you enjoy shorter game lengths, this would be a pro. But if you’re preference is a longer, more realistic game length, it could get very boring when you are playing a computer and not a person. Like in a real football game, the amount of passion is important in the quality of performances. And after taking a quick lead and realizing the team isn’t coming back, you find yourself choosing either to quit the game or trying your darndest to keep yourself entertained as you run out the clock.   

Pro: Running Game

I am the famous Packers sweep. Because of the failures when it came to throwing the football, my game-plan bought me even farther back in time. Forget the Nintendo Wii, we’re busting out the joy stick. Ground and pound football. Running the football became my mode of transportation into the endzone, with only the occasional play action pass. The Patriots and Packers may not be the best teams to use, but definitely the Chiefs and Panthers.

Con: The Realization that playing the AI with Motion Controllers is Impossible

Playing Madden or any sport with motion controllers is an exercise in patience and how far a human being can be pushed until you slam the remote on the ground (one game and a quarter). Who came up with this stupid idea? For almost a week, every time the computer threw a deep ball and I tried to flick the remote to take a swipe at the ball, the defensive back turns into a linebacker and plows the receiver in the back for a pass interference penalty. And trying to play as the receiver and catch the ball yourself? You might as well be actually out on a football field being guarded by the Legion of Boom trying to catch passes. It’s that hard!

Pro/Con: The Wait

The team is set. The playbook is filled. And the audibles are known. Now is the most painful and awarding part: Waiting for the poor sap who thinks they have a shot at playing against a well coached machine. So now I wait… Or try to make more friends… I’ll wait.

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