Favorite Sports Moment of the Summer


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By Sports Staff

With the summer coming to an end and the fall semester starting up, the sports section likes to look back and recount their favorite moment in sports throughout the past three months, whether it be a personal experience or something they watched from the comfort of their homes.



July 18, 2017. That entire day was my sports moment of the year. I spent the day with my dad in Kansas City to go to the Negro League Baseball Museum in the afternoon. The museum was a beautiful tribute and history lesson of the history of African Americans in baseball. Later that night, we went to watch the Royals play the Detroit Tigers at Kauffman Stadium. That entire day was the best sports moment of the summer for me.


June 12, 2017. The whole day I was waiting for the moment the Golden State Warriors would, yet again, win another championship. I had wanted the Rockets to go, but since they lost to the Spurs, the respect I had for Steve Kerr overwhelmed my sadness for the Rockets. The night Kevin Durant scored 30+ points and won the MVP of the series against the Cavs due to his stellar play. It was the best night of the summer in regards to sports because I saw the MVP of the 2013-2014 NBA season FINALLY achieve what he had been yearning for his whole NBA career, a championship ring. It was amazing to see the excitement on his mother’s face. A night I won’t ever forget.


July 23, 2017. This day was the day that Jordan Spieth managed to escape the second place finisher Matt Kuchar to win the Open Championship. On Sunday, his round was all over the place. Coming into Sunday, Jordan had a 3 shot lead over Matt, but the front nine on Sunday was rough for Jordan. He shot a 3 over round of 37, which led to him sharing the lead with Matt as they entered into the final nine holes. He went bogey-birdie-eagle-birdie-birdie-par on his last seven holes to snatch the victory away from Kuchar. Overall, it was just awesome to watch Jordan win his 3rd major because he is my second favorite player, and I’ve watched him since he entered into the PGA tour.


I’m a big NBA fan, so the Cavs/Warriors Finals we’re a lot of fun to watch, but my favorite moment came on the golf course. I played a round at Greensboro National on the 4th of July with one of my good friends. It was very hot and the course was packed, so the round took five hours to play but was one of my best rounds this year. I normally carry around a 10 handicap, most rounds in the eighties and occasionally into the seventies, with my all-time best at 74, but I played the first fourteen holes that day at only 1 over par. The last four holes were not as kind and I ended up with a 5 over par 77.  It was still a lot of fun to feel some pressure coming down the stretch to match my best score on a tough track like National.


June 22, 2017. Although, the Cavs and Warriors matchup in the finals was very intriguing to watch. My favorite sports moment of the summer was the NBA Draft. Even though the days leading up to the draft, Lavar Ball had more headlines than any other player in the draft excluding his son, Lonzo. It was exciting to watch to actually see if Lonzo would go to LA, if Jimmy Butler would have been traded, and who Boston would choose with their first round pick. It’s always interesting seeing the people you watch in college for a few years make the transition to the NBA and also seeing what team decides to pick them.

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