Beyoncé Saves the Day


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Alyia Hicks
Staff Writer

They say all heroes don’t wear capes and that is one of the only things this woman has not done. Thirty six year old multi-millionaire, 20 time Grammy Award winning artist, singer, songwriter, actress, business woman and the list could go on and on. She is a mother of three, a sister and a  wife. She is internationally known and loved worldwide.

Her name: Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter.

“How has she saved the day?” That is a great question.

Beyoncé has created the ultimate baseball cap for a black woman. Founded about a year ago, Ivy Park, co-founded by the singer, is an active wear brand that sells fashionable workout gear and clothes at a reasonable price. Their products range from sweat suits, hoodies, jackets, slides, hats and everything else for your workout needs. If that wasn’t enough, just a few weeks ago the company released its backless baseball cap.

Every black girl around the country knows the struggle of trying to fit your bushy, curly ponytail into the small hole in the back of a tradition baseball cap. Making sure it’s low enough to fit into the hole, but high enough at the same time. Bad hair days turned worse. But those days are over. This stylish new cap has an elastic band connected to the front of the cap giving ample room for those curls to flourish.

It seems insignificant, but it really is a big deal! Such a big deal that the $35 red crushed velvet hats have already sold out on Top Shop, the website where all Ivy Park products can be found. However, there is no doubt that they will be back in stock soon.

When the hats released, it took over social media. People tweeted things like “Finally, a hat to fit over my fro! Thanks @Beyoncé” and “Yes this is a must for all #fitnessfashionistas Beyoncé is our queen. Hair problems solved.” “Finally” and “thank you” were the two words most tweeters and Instagramers had for Beyoncé upon the unveiling of the new hat. It was something many people were waiting for, and they didn’t even know it!

The internet literally went crazy, or crazier than usual, and unless you’ve ever spent 20 minutes in the mirror trying to get your hair to fit into a hat, you just wouldn’t understand the craze. Workout buffs and casual exercisers alike were ecstatic for the hat because it felt like Beyoncé saved the day. No more struggling on bad hair days or setting aside time to get your cap just right. Just grab and go!

They say the best inventions are when you identify a problem you have and you have to find a way to solve it. And whether Beyoncé has this problem herself, she seems to understand that it is a problem for so many people. So she solved it. Just when we thought Beyoncé couldn’t get any better.

It seems as if anything Beyoncé does, at this point, is conversation worthy. Whether it’s a hat, an album or her dress on the red carpet, it’s likely to be the topic of conversation for a couple days. Like her donations to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, which heavily affected her hometown Houston, Texas. In partnership with the pastor of her church and BeyGOOD, her philanthropist foundation to help those globally in need, Beyoncé’s monetary donations and on-site help was recognized by her millions of followers on Instagram as well as her fans on Twitter.

As for the backless baseball caps, thank you to Beyoncé from every curly haired girl around the world. We appreciate your design, your thought and your consideration. Hopefully they will be back in stock soon as that every girl can get their hands on one. Queen Bey has saved the day and it has not been overlooked. Remember to bookmark on your laptops to stay up-to-date about when the next batch of hats are released. See you in the gym!  

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