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Jamal Sykes
Staff Writer

Fall is upon us and that means tons of great things are in store; the leaves are changing colors, the weather is cooler, horror movies are going to dominate the airwaves and haunted houses and fairs get to make their grand return to the public.

This year was the 119th year that the Central Carolina Fair has made its rounds in Greensboro, and it has been a staple in the childhood for those who grew up here in the Triad area, specifically Guilford County. I often went to the Central Carolina Fair growing up, and it was something that many of my friends looked forward to while in high school.

The fair featured attractions for people of all ages with a variety of rides and rollercoasters that will surely get your adrenaline going. One of those was the Scorcher which raised riders about 50 feet into the air, suddenly dropping them and stopping before hitting the ground. If you don’t have the internal constitution to handle such a hectic ride, the fair also had small rollercoasters and amusement park go-to’s, like Teacups or the Monkey Maze.

There were also tons of prize oriented games to be played by fairgoers ranging in difficulty that could be played for five dollars at any of the booths. You could try to pop five balloons with a hand full of darts to win a Jamaican banana plush, or you could take a shot at getting a ping-pong ball into floating rotating tea cups for a colorful oversized cup. I took my chance at winning my girlfriend a giant Pikachu plush by shooting out a star on target with a BB gun but missed one corner and walked away with shame.

Additionally, with the help of local radio stations, big name artists headlined the fair’s musical entertainment at the White Oak Amphitheater. Local R&B Station 97.1 QMG presented live performances by legendary hip-hop artist Slick Rick of “La Di Da Di” fame. Coolio also performed some of his big hits such as, “Gangstas Paradise” and “Fantastic Voyage.”

La LEY 101.1 FM, North Carolina’s largest Spanish speaking radio station, presented a family friendly event, “La Batalla Kids” featuring a slew of Spanish speaking artists from different genres. El Grito Festival, presented by 98.3 La Raza, was a celebration of Mexican culture and Mexico’s Independence Day. Both of these events were also paired with authentic food from Latin cultures.

There was also the NY-based pop act, AJR, who’s viral YouTube hit that helped them achieve double-platinum success internationally; “I’m Ready” was presented by 100.3 KISS FM. Lastly, 105.7 Man Up closed out the Central Carolina Fair Series with a three act concert featuring hard rock and post-grunge bands Trapt, Saliva and Puddle of Mudd.

Traditional fair food such as hotdogs, funnel cakes and jumbo turkey legs were readily available at nearly every corner of the fairgrounds. There were also North Carolinian fair staples such as fried Twinkies, fried Krispy Kreme donuts and other one-of-a-kind guilty pleasure fair foods that you probably shouldn’t eat, but should at least try once in your life.

This year was a pretty eventful one for the Central Carolina Fair, although there were a few minor setbacks mostly due to weather, which prohibited the fair from running for a few days. There was also an incident in which the Ferris Wheel stopped working mid rotation this Friday. One of the Fair employees climbed the Ferris Wheel in an attempt to rescue a small child, and sustained minor injuries when he fell off the compartment after the wheel began to operate again.

The Carolina Central Fair officially ended on Sunday, however, the North Carolina State Fair is right around the corner and will begin its huge 150th Annual Kickoff on Oct. 12 which will feature one-time $1.50 Admissions and $1.50 food portions from participating vendors. On Oct. 13, students can get a $5 admission to the fair.

The North Carolina State Fair will run from Oct. 12 until Oct. 22. General admission will be $8 with unlimited ride wristbands going for $25 online from Aug. 1 to Oct. 12 and then will rise again to $35 from Oct. 13 to Oct. 22.

For more information about the North Carolina State Fair please visit their website at http://www.ncstatefair.org/2017/index.htm.

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