Jeansboro Day

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Janelle Crubaugh
Staff Writer

The smell of food trucks and the sound of music permeated the atmosphere of LeBauer Park in downtown Greensboro on Wednesday for the third annual Jeansboro Day. A celebration of the 70th anniversary of Wrangler jean, attendants of all ages came together to enjoy live music and a variety of activities and food related to the Wrangler brand.

The festivities began shortly after 4 p.m. with entertainment from a local band that played popular beats for the crowd to sing and dance to. Some of the artists the band covered songs for included Bruno Mars, Nicki Minaj, Earth Wind and Fire and Michael Jackson.

As a kickoff to the event, a 3-foot tall, jean-shaped cake made by a local bakery, Easy Peasy Bakery, was cut and offered to everyone.

The significance of Jeansboro, Craig Errington, the Vice President of marketing for Wrangler, said, is related to “bringing attention to the heritage and the history of Greensboro and its roots as an apparel and textile town from years gone by. And there are so many people in Greensboro now who maybe weren’t aware of one of the cool roots that Greensboro has.”

According to the about section of the official Wrangler website, the connections between Greensboro and the company go back to 1897, where C.C. Hudson left Tennessee for Greensboro, to begin work in a factory sewing buttons. In 1904, after losing his job, Hudson and his brother created the Hudson Overall Company, which, after a series of brand changes and company purchases, became Wrangler in 1943. Today, Wrangler jeans are one of the most worn in America and the primary market share leader in the U.S. in 1996.

Mayor Nancy Vaughan later stepped on to the stage to declare that Sept. 20 is Jeansboro Day. Vaughan’s presence and announcement showed the progressively strong relationship between a large corporation such as Wrangler and its bonds with the local Greensboro community.

John Ganim, a community member who was born and raised in Greensboro, also touched on the warm atmosphere surrounding the event. “This is the first Jeansboro event I’ve been to, and it’s really fantastic that a big worldwide company like Wrangler is able to get involved, give back to such a strong and united and shared community, and all of this, I think it’s really positive,” said Ganim. This community environment was present from the beer garden, to the children playing near the fountain and even the families dancing on the lawn.

Craig Errington also emphasized that the event was hosted to, “build awareness of our history and heritage and we wanted folks to also be aware of what Wrangler is still doing in the community after all these years. This particular Jeansboro day, we donated a $70,000 check to United Way as part of our relationship. We have a 92-year history with the Greensboro United Way. Other groups we have continuous ongoing relationships with, is the Carolina theatre, Greensboro Kid’s Museum and the Greensboro Science Center as well.”

According to the United Way of Greater Greensboro focus page, it is an organization working “to improve lives and create thriving communities by mobilizing and uniting the caring power of Greensboro.” As such, there is a variety of connections between all groups and organizations involved in this event, with ties that are deeply rooted to the Greensboro community.

When asked about the target audience of the Jeansboro event, Errington said, “We set this up to be a family friendly event for sure and so we want to welcome all the community and families as well… However, we really also want all different members of the community to come. So from all the universities in town, to have them come and feel welcome too. That is part of what we were doing when we chose the band, and when we inserted a fashion show as part of the event as well. [We want] young and old to be more aware of Greensboro’s history and heritage.”

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