Drag Bingo takes over the EUC

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Courtesy of Olivia Tarpley

Olivia Tarpley
Staff Writer

This past Friday, the Campus Activities and Programs Office hosted Drag Bingo featuring Miss Kitty Litter as emcee and with guests Giselle Cassidy Carter and Shelita Bonet Hoyle. The event was held in the Cone Ballroom in the Elliott University Center and was free to students.

The night began at 7 and ran until 9:30 p.m. Miss Kitty Litter opened the evening with a performance which was followed by a couple rounds of Bingo. Students that prematurely called out “Bingo!” were brought to the stage for some friendly humiliation. If Miss Kitty Litter found out that someone led their friend astray while playing, they were also brought to the stage.  

During a brief Bingo break, the students met Giselle Cassidy Carter, a special guest for the evening. Carter brought a Beyonce vibe to the night and strutted her stuff for the audience.  In sparkly leotards and high-heeled, thigh high boots, it was clear that Carter knew how to work the dance floor and engage the audience. Unfortunately, Carter had to leave the night a bit early; however, she did not hang her fans out to dry. She made a special appearance during the intermission so that the audience could greet her and say goodbye.  

The night continued on with Miss Kitty Litter and Shelita Bonet Hoyle. Hoyle gave a deep and meaningful performance to end the night. Her message to the students was that “it is okay not to be okay.”  She encouraged the audience to be persistent through any challenges they face.  “If you feel like you can’t take it,” Hoyle said, “take it day by day. If you feel like you can’t take the day, take it hour by hour. You can bear anything for an hour. If you can’t take it hour by hour, take it minute by minute. And if you feel like you can’t handle a minute, take it second by second.”

This message was emphasized by the performance Hoyle gave. She wore an old t-shirt and worn out athletic shorts for this number, and at the end of the song, brought out lipstick and drew on her face, once again telling the crowd that it is okay not to be okay. Hoyle reiterated to the crowd that everyone is beautiful in their own way and it’s fine to wear old clothes and take time for yourself.

This message is important for college students to keep in mind as they are facing midterms, challenging social learning experiences and simply trying to deal with life. It was clear that the audience appreciated the message as they snapped and clapped during various parts of what Carter had to say.

There were prizes for the students that won bingo, including a residence hall supply kit, complete with toilet paper, a toothbrush, mouthwash and a medium sized carrying bin.  There were fun T-shirts that said things like, “no tea no shade,” “yas queen” and “Drag Queens give me life.”  Miss Kitty Litter generously gave out all of the prizes and even if someone called bingo at the wrong time, Miss Kitty Litter would give them a small prize, after embarrassing them just  a tad.

Sophomore students Autumn Herbert and Christina Rice-Corsi attended Drag Bingo and even though they didn’t win any prizes or get bingo, they still had a wonderful time. Rice-Corsi, a Human Development and Family Studies major, said that, “this is one of my favorite events at UNCG. A couple students showed up tonight in drag which is really cool. This event brings awareness and inclusivity to our campus.”  Herbert is a Middle Grades Math Education major and she said that, “before coming to UNCG, I was not exposed to drag.  Events like this help to expose students to new things which is what college is all about. I’m glad to have the opportunity to attend such a unique event on campus.”  

Drag Bingo was a hit despite some negative comments about the event earlier in the week. Miss Kitty Litter referenced these comments a couple times during the show while students continued to show support for the event. She encouraged the audience to take pictures at the event and post them on Facebook, saying that whoever didn’t make that night, for whatever reason, definitely missed out. Drag Bingo was a success. It gave UNCG students an opportunity to see, hear and experience new things. Drag Bingo celebrated diversity, inclusivity and resiliency.  

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