Second Annual LINC Conference

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Kevin Liu
Staff Writer

This month, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro is hosting the Second Annual Spartans Leading for an Inclusive Campus (LINC) Conference. UNCG’s Offices of Leadership and Service-Learning (OLSL), Intercultural Engagement (OIE), Campus Activities and Programs (CAP) and Keker First Year Common Read Grant are sponsoring this one-day leadership conference that focuses on intersections of identity, inclusion, and diversity. This year’s conference will be held on Oct. 14 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Spartans LINC Conference first started out as a joint project between UNCG’s Office of Leadership and Service and the Office of Intercultural Engagement. The event was planned as an event that could bring leadership development and inclusivity to the campus. The purpose of the conference is to help students reflect on their own identity through storytelling, exploring other cultures and recognizing the commonalities within a community that celebrates difference. This conference is ultimately meant to inspire students to be agents of social change for the campus community and the world.

It is open to all members on campus including staff, faculty, graduate and undergraduate students. All members are invited to share and propose topics with each other, create connections and explore leadership roles available for everyone on campus. This is an event that truly explores what the general body of UNCG needs and wants to learn about for the benefit of the community. The event this year focuses on the milestones and stories of UNCG students as the school marks its 125th year of history as a university.

Ashley Hogan, a member of the LINC planning committee and a UNCG student, attended and assisted in the setup of the first annual LINC conference last year. She became more involved with the event after seeing the impact it had on students last year.

“After seeing how it engaged students and the message behind it, I wanted to get more involved this year,” said Hogan. “I am looking forward to this year’s Second Annual Spartan LINC conference.”

Hogan has the opportunity to present on the topics of leadership and diversity to the students and faculty who will be attending the conference this year.

This one-day conference hosted every spring semester gives students the opportunity to become leaders in their communities. Students will be able to connect with resources to help them develop their leadership skills with the broader context of the community, future career fields and more. Students will also be able to learn about themselves in order to develop better knowledge and skills in leadership. The conference will also help attendees to find inspiration and opportunities to utilize these skills in their own communities as well.

For those interested in leading workshops on leadership, inclusivity and diversity, or for those who want to volunteer, Spartans LINC are looking for facilitators for the conference. It is a great place for students and faculty to share their stories with others and build upon the 125 years of history at UNCG.

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