A Healthy Sacrifice


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Isaiah Saint Hilaire
Staff Writer

The Holidays are among us and one thing that we students have the propensity to do is…do I have to say it…EAT EAT and-oh wait-EAT! As students, we love home-cooked meals. It gives us peace of mind, we have a chance to relax with family and enjoy time away from classes. Talking to some of the students who consistently visit the Kaplan Center, they were hesitant to answer questions about their diet during the holidays. It was safe to say that they were quite embarrassed with the initial questions and could not come up with a response they were proud of.

Julie Vang, a kinesiology major and senior, enjoys going into the weight room and conditioning herself. She mentioned her will to eat as much as possible and to completely forget about her diet during the holidays.

“I tend to just enjoy myself during the holidays and honestly, I don’t really workout because I like to spend time with the family and enjoy a stress-free break.”

Julie was very adamant when she mentioned not exercising and simply enjoying her time with family because it is something that she cannot cherish as much as she did before coming to college. A native from the Hickory area in North Carolina, Julie rarely goes home to visit her family so when she has the chance to visit, her only concern is them.

“I like to give as much time to family as possible, I don’t see them as often anymore and while that is sometimes a good thing, I do miss a nice home-cooked meal.”

Julie’s philosophy was clear when she said she enjoyed relaxation, she isn’t worried about her diet and is confident she’ll head back to school and work hard.

Jarell Smith, another kinesiology major and junior, says he too enjoys eating as much as he can, but unlike Julie, it’s all about the food for him.

“I see my parents often and I enjoy seeing them, but that home-cooked meal is what I’m really after every time I see them. Sometimes they come to UNCG just to bring me some food. I enjoy them visiting me but I haven’t experience that distance with them to the point in which I miss them a lot. They get my love through feeding me and boy, do I love to eat.”

Jarell is all about eating and enjoying those meals he does not get at school. He lives in the quads and is right across from the cafeteria, so he eats there quite frequently.

“I know for a fact that when I return to school, I can get back to where I was regarding weight lifting. I’m not worried about getting behind because I understand my body.”

Jarell must really understand when his body tells him enough is enough, because his focus is food when he goes home.

Jaronte Gibson, a finance major and senior mentioned his love for food.

“When I go home, I always end up cooking all the meals, but they are very good. We usually end up having cookouts with the family and my aunt comes to Fayetteville and cooks us a nice meal. I usually end up going back for about four plates.”

Jaronte has claims he has no limits when it comes to food, however, as the son of a veteran, he enjoys exercising and believes its key in staying healthy.

“My father used to do cardio with me all the time before we was shipped off, he and I would play basketball and that’s mostly what I do at the Kaplan Center. I play ball, run then get a nice weight-lifting session in. I’m not concerned with my diet too much because my metabolism is really fast so I know for a fact I’m not gaining weight anytime soon.”

That confidence may dwindle as Jaronte ages but for now it’s perfect.

All these athletes enjoy exercising but also enjoy eating. They made it known that they don’t continue their workout routine when they’re home. They eat as much as possible until they feel sick. The only thing that stops them is the pain in their body after a nice meal. As students, it can be difficult to cook all the time because we’re always on the go. When you go home, enjoy the family, the home-cooked meals, and most of all, the relaxation opportunities you get because you won’t have many after you finish college.

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