Nightmare on College Ave

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Courtesy of Olivia Tarpley

Olivia Tarpley
Staff Writer

Friday saw the Campus Activities and Programs Office hosted “Nightmare on College Ave.” The event was free and open to all UNCG students. Beginning at 7 p.m., students had the opportunity to experience a variety of Halloween-themed activities.

Lauren Szalay, a sophomore Deaf Education major, attended Nightmare on College Ave with her suitemates. “This is the first Halloween event I’ve been to on campus. I got to bounce on a trampoline with a harness, get a ring engraved with my name and eat a candied apple which is my favorite Halloween treat. The weather was perfect for the event, and I wasn’t cold at all. The deejay played great music, and I enjoyed the entire event,” said Szalay.

Regardless of one’s interests, there was something for everyone at the event. For the more artistic and hands-on individual, there was an opportunity to paint a pumpkin. The athletically inclined attendees could bounce while harnessed in, on a trampoline.

Some students even ventured to do flips and tricks while in the air. The deejay played the latest popular songs as well as throwbacks for the movers and shakers among the crowd. There was a photo booth so that students could record their memories of the night. There was also a chance to win a raffle.

Some members of the Explorers Living and Learning Community, housed in Reynolds Residence Hall, made an appearance at the event dressed as the characters from Super Mario Brothers. Their Reynolds Residence Hall Advisor attended as well and was proud of their engagement and involvement with the event.

While Halloween is not for everyone, the big fans of Halloween were certainly out at Nightmare on College Ave. Some students showcased their artistic abilities with elaborate face paintings and costumes. Szalay, who is a Student Reflection Leader on campus, said that she saw several of her students throughout the evening. A few of her students made their own costumes out of recycled materials.

“I really enjoyed seeing the creativity of my fellow peers displayed at the event tonight,” said Szalay.

A wide array of hats were displayed, standing out specifically a flamingo and tyrannosaurus rex. “Many students showed up with masks as well,” said Szalay.

The attendance at the event increased as the night moved on. Many friend groups were present, and everyone was clearly enjoying their evening. For many college students, Halloween changes in terms of traditions.

In college, Halloween gives individuals a chance to make new traditions with new friends. The Halloween tradition of trick-or-treating may begin to feel too young for some college students, but for some, perhaps not.

Regardless of whether or not one likes Halloween, the holiday brings people together. Halloween is the gateway to the entire holiday season. This time of year, there is a friendly buzz in the air as people prepare for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and other holidays people celebrate.

This time of year is a prime time for gathering of friends. Whether friends are going out for Halloween together or cooking for “Friends-giving,” the 31st of October ushers in an important time of year. The holiday season brings people together and it all starts with Halloween.

The Nightmare on College Ave was a success. For freshmen students, they are spending the beginning of the holiday season with all new people and making new memories through all new experiences. As the semester progresses on and we usher in the rest of the holiday season, we enjoy the friends we surround ourselves with as we celebrate.  


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