Cameron Parker on Women in White

Madison Owen
Staff Writer

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Nurses, intrigue and a murder most foul: these are the subjects of the upcoming play “Women in White.” Cameron Parker, an actress in this show and former UNCG student, shed light on her experiences with the production with this reporter. “Women in White” is a theater production at Community Theater of Greensboro; it will be shown Jan. 19-28. The production has struggled following a short rehearsal period and recent snow cancelling dress rehearsals, but now the cast is ready to spread this story with others as they open this week.

Parker will be playing Celia Gray, a probationary nurse at Cranford General Hospital. Parker said “[Celia] is along for the ride; she is very straightforward and takes no sh*t.” Parker said she felt similar to Celia, “We both are straightforward and just along for the ride.” Celia and Parker also shared an ambition to become nurses at a younger age.

This isn’t Parker’s first time on a stage, however, as she has previously acted in a production of “Hairspray” and “The Little Mermaid” as a Corny Collins kid and one of Ursula’s eels. She acted out both of her previous roles while in high school. She cites “Hairspray” as favorite stage show and said ,“It has a lot of sentimental value, I love the music and the premise of the musical.”

When asked about how this role compared to her other roles, Parker said, “This role is completely different, in my other productions. I didn’t have as many lines and there is no singing in this show.” Her work with “Women in White” is much more refined, and her performance shows the effort she has put into her character’s development.

Her favorite line from the show was “the difference between you and I, Laurie, is I haven’t decided yet to become a nurse.” Parker said she felt this line expressed the conflict between Celia and Laurie and showcased Celia’s personality. Parker mentioned she auditioned for this production because “it had been a long time since I had acted, and I felt like something like this, with so many talented women, would be a great environment and a place I could learn.” So far Parker’s hopes have been met, and she said this has been a great experience with auditions and meeting her fellow cast members. In the future, Parker would like to work with another musical, most likely “Mamma Mia!” or “Hairspray,” but until then she has her hands full with “Women in White.”

According to Parker, the best night to have attended the show would have been Thursday; “The show will be perfected and as a last hurrah the cast will give it their all.” She also offers this advice to fellow students hoping to join the stage. “Don’t take yourself too seriously; it’s ok to have fun. Just take deep breaths, and everything is going to be okay.” Hopefully this advice will be helpful for those who want to be an actor; Parker hopes to help others as both they and she continue on their journey through acting. “Women in White” looks like a terrific show, and it is obvious that cast members like Cameron Parker have worked hard to make the show worthwhile.

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