Exposing Pedophilia in Hollywood: A Tale of Two Coreys

Catie Byrne
Features Editor

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At 8 p.m. on, Jan. 6, the television network, Lifetime, premiered the original movie, “A Tale of Two Coreys,” about the lives of actors, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, and their journey through surviving child-stardom, pedophilic abuse and drug addiction.

The project came on the heels of actor Corey Feldman’s public campaign dubbed, “TRUTH,” to expose pedophiles in Hollywood and the pedophilic culture which he believes thrives on the victimization of child-stars in Hollywood.

The movie begins with voiceover narrations from Feldman (Elijah Marcano) and Haim (Justin Ellings) as teenagers to establish the radically different home lives Feldman and Haim actually lived. While Haim is shown to have a mostly loving and stable home-life, Feldman’s parents are established as abusive and exploitative of his budding career as a child-star.

At home as a teen, Feldman is depicted as emotionally unstable and suicidal. It is a simple phone call Haim gave Feldman one day, to “meet the other Corey,” that is shown to be the call that saves Feldman from killing himself.

From then on, the Two Coreys, as they are dubbed, are inseparable friends that seem to have everything in common from their names, jobs, interests and even their religion, Judaism. However, it soon becomes apparent that the two child-stars also share a bond forged in a dark secret which hangs over the two throughout the rest of the film; Haim and Feldman have experienced child sexual abuse at the hands of men in Hollywood.

The scenes which depicted this sexual abuse were deliberately intended, director, Steven Huffaker said, to convey the serious nature of these offenses and portray the reality that many sexual abusers appear as a familiar, friendly face, rather than a cartoonish monster.

“I tried to direct the assault scenes in a way that made the audience pause. These men [Feldman and Haim’s molesters] were not an imaginary boogey man; they were managers, producers and actors Corey Feldman and Corey Haim both saw all the time, and they were people they both trusted,” said Huffaker.

That Feldman and Haim’s molesters are people that the two both knew, is consistent with the statistic that, according to the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network, RAINN.org, “of sexual abuse cases reported to law enforcement, 93% of juvenile victims knew the perpetrator.”

Following the traumatic experiences of molestation, the two Coreys are shown throughout the rest of the film to struggle with their childhood traumas and drug addiction into adulthood.

Feldman is shown to eventually reach stability and sobriety, and though Haim is inversely depicted as having a more intense struggle with addiction than Feldman, the two are both shown to have stagnating adult acting careers. It is this shared stagnation, which once again, brings the two together as adults, on the reality show that also occurred in real life, “The Two Coreys,” in which Haim lived as a bachelor with Feldman and his former wife, Susie Feldman.

However, in real life and in the movie, ends as a result of Haim’s re-emerging drug addiction.

As “A Tale of Two Coreys,” comes to a close, Haim is shown to reach sobriety, and in an idyllic, last reunion with Feldman, Haim says, “I think I’ve finally come to see the world through your eyes, and you know what, it’s really beautiful.”

Unfortunately, shortly after this reunion which also occurred in real life, Haim died from complications of pneumonia.

Ultimately, “A Tale of Two Coreys,” depicted not only the tragic childhoods of Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, but also, Huffaker said, served to reflect Corey Feldman’s call to action to expose pedophiles and the epidemic of pedophilia in Hollywood.

“The movie name dropped Marty Weiss,” said Huffaker, a talent manager who was shown to be Haim’s molester in the film and is confirmed to be one of Feldman’s molesters’ in real life. However, other assailants, particularly the much-contested identity of the man who raped Corey Haim in real life, remained purposefully unmentioned, Huffaker said, because “there are wealthy and more powerful pedophiles that Corey Feldman did not name in order to protect himself.”

Outside of “A Tale of Two Coreys,” Feldman has also name dropped actor, John Grissom, as one of the men that molested him as a child-star. Feldman came forward about Grissom to Dr. Oz on “The Dr. Oz Show;” “That’s him, [Grissom]. John Grissom is the real name,” Feldman said, referring to a pseudonym used for Grissom in his book, “Coreyography: A Memoir.”

On “The Dr. Oz Show,” Feldman also made a plea to the actors he knew as a child-star, to speak up about pedophilia in Hollywood. “I’m calling out to all the kids in Hollywood that I grew up with. Some of them went on to have successful careers; some of them were scared out of the business. But now is your time. Now is your moment to stand with me.

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