Wrangler Pop-up Event Goes Off in Downtown Greensboro

Rebecca Pearce
Staff Writer

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Photo credit: Rebecca Pearce

In December 2017, the renowned jeans brand, Wrangler, opened up a new North Carolina location in the heart of downtown Greensboro. On Monday from 4-6 p.m., Wrangler decided to kick off the new store and year by hosting a free live music event.

The event, which was sponsored by the record label, The Culture Pushers, hosted a variety of different performers, such as top contestants from The Voice, hit hip-hop artists, DJ Lil Bee and Tigo B, R&B artists, Anthony Hamilton and CHLO and the artist, Jacob Breeden. The Culture Pushers representative, Fanatic, with the help of his partner, Nikki, introduced every artist before each performance.

This unforgettable event drew a crowd of people in like bee’s to honey. It seemed as if all of Greensboro had popped up for these live musical performances. Even Greensboro Mayor, Nancy Vaughan, chose to make an appearance, showing her support for Wrangler as a brand and the featured musical artists.

The performances were nothing short of spectacular. As musicians performed, Wrangler held multiple free giveaways, which included Wrangler’s very own travel mugs and various forms of merchandise.

Young Greensboro musician, Jacob Breeden, opened the show by performing his hit song “primal” with a smooth and beautiful, melancholy voice, which caught not only audience attention, but even attracted a few more people to the event that had been walking downtown.

The audience had flooded the store before the show had even begun. In the front window, Wrangler employees were using presses to print out shirts and merchandise, while the back portion of the store held the stage and live audience. The crowd was comprised of people of all ages, many of them being UNCG and Greensboro Day School students.

1.24.18_Features_Rebecca Pearce_Wrangler event_Rebecca Pearce3

Photo credit: Rebecca Pearce

The performances were mesmerizing for all in attendance; and many attendants were shocked that they were able to see such talent for free and without any seating restrictions. UNCG student, Kaila Tannery, was shocked when performer, Tigo B, came on, and sang his two top hits, “CNN” and “Where Did You Come From.”

“I didn’t expect these songs that I hear on the radio daily by their original artist to be performed in downtown Greensboro, especially since the event was free. It was an amazing surprise,” said Tannery.

Tigo B, who is originally from Raleigh, graduated from A&T, and is now returning to his old stomping grounds, to show support for the local Wrangler-Pop event. Of returning to Greensboro after performing, Tigo B said that he, “Really enjoyed A&T and it [the event] was a fun time.” After his performance, Tigo made his way through the crowd, mingling with the audience and showing support to the remainder of the performers.

Wrangler’s live entertainment music show was a great promotion for the newly opened pop-up store; an event that brought a variety of musical talents together who have recently found their success in the music industry.

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